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11 months ago

Foundation is a uniquely interesting new 2021 science fiction TV series that first aired on Apple TV in September, The story follows a number of characters as humans have evolved with technology to move across the galaxy to distant planets that are under the control of the Galactic Empire, a dynasty of continuous soulless clones of the first empire.

The Empire is challenged by an egotistical Dr Harry Seldon's theories or predictions based on a mathematical equation of some kind I couldn't fully understand, which predicted the beginning of the end for the Empire, an uprising which begins on one of the religious planets controlled by the Empire and spreads like a wildfire throughout the galaxy.

Just as the predictions start to fall in line on one religious planet, a group of rebels from another Planet who watched their people die from disease and infection after the Empire put down a previous rebellion, seizes control of one of the Empires outposts, where a colony of researchers and scientists along with some that have knowledge of the Empires ships security and operating systems
have a colony.

The rebels plan is to us those with knowledge and experience to go on board a missing ghost ship, the most advanced the Empire ever created, the ship named the "Invictus" and dubbed the "Planet Killer" disappeared some 700 years ago and lost all contact with the Empire.

The rebels goal is to fly the ghost ship right into "Tranthor" the Empire crown jewel and home to the Empires dynasty

The storyline is done quite well, although it did take me a few episodes to get to grips with exactly what was going on as we jump from planet to planet and story to story of each of the main characters.

Once you have started to figure out what is going on the plots and twists become a little more intriguing as you start to get a wider view or the bigger picture surrounding the deeply complex narrative

The Foundation is a very enjoyable series, with a strong cast that in my opinion do a great job drawing you into the world created by the producers.

I did find it had a similar feel to a Star Trek plot, but an expanded more diverse and ever evolving plot, a plot that was filled with action, sound narrative and great dialogue.


The original series soundtrack by Bear McCreary is made up of some 67 tracks in season one, that I am unfamiliar with.

A complete breakdown of the series tracks along with song titles, artists and albums can be found on spotify HERE


A complex saga of humans scattered on planets throughout the galaxy all living under the rule of the Galactic Empire. Dr Harry Seldon and his loyal followers attempt to preserve their culture as the galaxy collapses around them.

Foundation Synopsis was taken from Presearch:

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I found Foundation quite enjoyable so far I have watched the first 7 episodes and now find myself curios to find out how the story evolves and if it will be carried over into a full series.

Honestly I do hope so, I can see a lot of potential for it to become even bigger a cult classic than Star Trek was, It is definitely something that I think will draw in hordes of Science fiction genre fans.

The Empires reminds me of the global elites we see Today with the God Complex believing themselves superior to the rest of mankind, and is a very believable storyline should they ever got their hands on the technology to create a cloned type of dynasty we see in the series.

The worrying thing is, that with recent technological advances it is very possible we could see this type of reality as fact emulates fiction heading into a technocratic society.


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Written by   79
11 months ago
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This series sounds like something I might enjoy

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11 months ago

Its actually not bad, I am really enjoying it...

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11 months ago