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2 months ago

The Favourite article of the Day Contest has been an amazing eye opening journey for me to fully understand the amazing and diverse content that is shared daily in the #proofofbrain community.

There are some quite amazing creators that have not yet received the recognition deserved and when I say recognition, I do not mean in monetary value, but more in a wealth of knowledge and community understanding.

It can sometimes be hard to distinguish between the two, however I do believe that most creators come to the blockchain with the hopes of making a quick buck, but I would like to think that over time most realise the importance of building a community of value that we can all take pride in knowing that will one day add unequaled value not only to our own lives, but also the lives of those around us.

Enriching others can in itself be very enriching, whether it be through engagement, commenting, engaging or curation, the amazing thing I found is that each of us that stake our earned tokens, become curators and can then add value to the articles we read and curate upon.

There is nothing I enjoy more than knowing that my upvote will add value to the content I read, upvote and curate each day, this has become an obsession, or an addiction if you like, but I take joy in knowing I can give back to those in the community that create amazing content that I enjoy to read, this is something we can all do.

Through staking We can all become curators.

Winners of Yesterday's Contest

  1. @samsmith1971

  2. @plint

  3. @merit.ahama
    Winners were chosen at random using

Apologies I am having difficulty uploading the images from my server for some strange reason, I will look into grabbing these another way, so for Today the Image is currently unavailable I hope to be able to rectify this over the coming days.

Yesterday's Contest Prizes

  1. First place will receive a 6.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

  2. Second place will receive 2.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

  3. Third Place will receive a 1.25 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

Prizes will be transferred shortly

Entrants for Yesterday shared these amazing Articles

  1. @samsmith1971 shared an interesting article by @calumam about his word of the week Eureka which was also included in the Word of the week contest in which he gave a breakdown of what the word Eureka was to him, if you haven't read this article adjust-the-dimmer-switch it is a great read that gives some perspective on the Word Eureka and shows @calumam,s willingness to join in on the fun and enjoy the moment.

  2. @plint shared a challenging article for me personally written by @denmarkguy which explored using Facebook or Google as an easy access to signing in to Hive accounts, referencing the current use of twitter to sign in on some tribes. I find this article fails to understand that the majority of users come here to break away from decentralized platforms that invade our privacy and sell our data, not something I personally would like to see happen, but others may disagree. You can read this article Building the Hive Community: The Importance of Overcoming the "It's too complicated!" Argument and make up your own mind. That is the beauty of blockchain social.

  3. @merit.ahama shared an article by @sofs-su about people that sometimes just ask for opinions while seeking approval for their own decisions, an interesting article, something we may have all come across not just online, but also in life, how do you become the voice of reason for somebody that has already made up their mind on which avenue to choose. They Only Hear What They Want To Hear is an interesting read.

My Favourite Article of the Day

My Favourite Article of the day was written by @samsmith1971 in this article you will find a unique perspective of so much value, a better understanding of what it means to be part of a community that benefits all, through staking, commenting, engaging and of course curation, we are all curators on #pob but making your curation benefit those around you sometimes takes time to comprehend, once you realise the true value you can give to those around you it becomes addictive to stake earned or invested tokens.

Then spreading it amongst those you enjoy reading from becomes a passion that will be rewarded through your curation, Aspirations of the intangible kind is an article I would highly recommend reading especially for those that do not yet understand the power staking, curation and building a community that rewards everyone equally.

#faotd #dcc

Today's Contest Prizes

Today's prizes will remain unchanged.

  1. First place will receive a 6.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

  2. Second place will receive 2.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

  3. Third Place will receive a 1.25 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

A new incentivised Prize of a prized Bitcoin cash NFT to the First place Winner of the #faotd contest that first reaches 5 entrants on that day, so lets get reblogging.

NOTE:It is worth noting that although winners will receive additional upvotes aswell as prizes, the percentage weight of these upvotes cannot be guaranteed as nobody can guarantee a 100% upvote.

The Rules

  1. Leave your #faotd in the Comment section below using a clickable link to your favourite Proof of brain article of the day, and also tag the author, this can be any article you found helpful or you found added value to the #pob community.
    Write a brief explanation as to why you chose this particular article. Try to ensure the article is within it's pay-out period so it may receive curation rewards.

  2. Make sure to use both the #faotd and #dcc tags so that your comment may be curated by both #faotd and #dcc

  3. Make sure to use a clickable link

  4. Alternatively you can look up the entries to Yesterdays #faotd contest on how best to structure your comment entry for the Favourite Article of the Day HERE

Congratulation to the 3 Winners from Yesterday and thank you to all entrants for taking part, I wish you the all the best of luck in the next contest.

This initiative is brought to you in Collaboration with @dcooperation and @clixmoney you can learn more about the #dcc coin and it's use case at The use case of dcc token

Further to this I have been asked to clarify that other than the 3 winners earning #dcc coins you may create your own post using your chosen #faotd using the comment by adding the TAGS #dcc and #faotd to earn #dcc coins and further curation as #dcc coins are rather limited. @clixmoney

For more come check out my blog at ProofofBrain and learn what all the fuse is about on an amazing blockchain blogging platform in the #hive ecosystem

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Written by   57
2 months ago
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Nice article Jaxson and thanks for the mention. Glad you enjoyed my article :-)

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No bother Sam, thanks for dropping in

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