Challenging The Age Old Thought Process Surrounding Wealth Creation

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We all like to make a profit from our time, whether it be investments made or time spent creating meaningful articles and posts on the blockchain that allow us to earn crypto currencies from our efforts and meaningful engagement, but do we really ever stop to think of the possibilities that making small amounts which we can accumulate over time may bring.

In this post I want to challenge the age old thought processes behind wanting something now versus accumulating wealth.

Many of us get caught up in the day to day principles surround the current fiat currency system that we forget to acknowledge the flawed fundamentals.

Before I begin I have one simple question to ask, Does money grow on Trees?
You will find my answer at the end of this post.

If tomorrow I was to ask you if you would rather take 1 Full Bitcoin upfront transferred directly to your wallet or 1 Satoshi Doubled each day for the following thirty days, which would you choose, some would gladly take the full bitcoin but by doing so you would be doing yourself a huge disservice financially while those who are financially savvy amongst us would rather accept the 1 Satoshi Doubled each day for thirty days and here is why..

Day 1= 1 Satoshi
Day 2= 2 Satoshi
Day 3= 4 Satoshi
Day 4= 8 Satoshi
Day 5= 16 Satoshi
Day 6= 32 Satoshi
Day 7= 64 Satoshi
Day 8= 128 Satoshi
Day 9= 256 Satoshi
Day 10= 512 Satoshi
Day 11= 1,024 Satoshi
Day 12= 2,048 Satoshi
Day 13= 4,096 Satoshi
Day 14= 8,192 Satoshi

As you can see the first two weeks start off rather slow, building up accumulated value until going into week three where it starts to pick up momentum

Day 15= 16,384 Satoshi
Day 16= 32,768 Satoshi
Day 17= 65,536 Satoshi
Day 18= 131,074 Satoshi
Day 19= 262,148 Satoshi
Day 20= 534,296 Satoshi
Day 21= 1.Bitcoin and 068,592 Satoshi

By the end of week three you have already reached 1 Bitcoin, with nine day of accumulation still to go

Day 22= 2. Bitcoin and 137,184 Satoshi
Day 23= 4. Bitcoin and 274,368Satoshi
Day 24= 8. Bitcoin and 548,736 Satoshi
Day 25= 17. Bitcoin and 097,472 Satoshi
Day 26= 34. Bitcoin and 194,944 Satoshi
Day 27= 64. Bitcoin and 289,888 Satoshi
Day 28= 126. Bitcoin and 579,776 Satoshi
Day 29= 253. Bitcoin and 159,552 Satoshi
Day 30= 506. Bitcoin and 319,104 Satoshi

So over these 30 days if you were financially savvy you would have chosen to accumulate that 1 Satoshi doubled each day over the thirty day period, If you chose this you would have been statistically 505. Bitcoin and 319,104 Satoshi's Richer

Many of these logical thought processes can be used when accumulating, staking and even HODLing crypto over time, from my understanding there are two strong methods that will allow you to accumulate your wealth in crypto over time, the first is HODLing that crypto over a long period so that it may rise in value and the second is to use that crypto to stake, hence earning further cryptocurrencies over the staking period and raising your equity

Staking = Raising Equity

HODLing = Raising Long Term Value

Hopefully this article will motivate you to plant your own seeds of thought and carefully provide the nutrients and water to allow them to florishand and blum to their fullest potential.

Answer to the question above about whether money grows on Trees.
I am sure most you you would have said no of course money doesn't grow on trees, because this is something that most of us heard from our parents whenever we wanted them to buy us something as a young child, that they couldn't afford, No you would be told money doesn't grow on trees.

In fact if you stop to think about the logic behind the question it is in fact fundamentally wrong because money does grow on trees, in fact any paper fiat currency in circulation today started it's life as wood from a tree, So it is an evidence based fact that money does grow on trees, just not in the sense as we understand it.

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2 years ago


I love this! People are so often blinded by the need for instant gratification that they don't see the wood for the trees.

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2 years ago

Love the pun, yeah I believe their is wealth knowledge that is witheld from most schools today such as accumulation of wealth, too many business and finance classes teach too many topics on Taxes and loans that they overlook lessons that would give every kid a fighting chance, Every wealthy person understand these topics and that is why they send their kids to private schools.

Thinking outside the box is so important

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2 years ago