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Captive State

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8 months ago

Captive State is a 2019 Science fiction movie in which a decade after an Alien invasion of earth, the aliens are now the ruling power in Chicago and are now controlling the population using collaborators known as legislators working in law enforcement, emergency and government positions to do their bidding and control the masses through martial law by the year 2027.

They use terms like peace, unity and harmony but when insurgents known as Phoenix begin to realise their goal is to extract all natural resources, leaving humans with nothing they start fighting back, the legislators are told they have the full support from above to do what is necessary to put down the insurgents.

Gabriel a young man decides to join up with the insurgents and fight the alien rulers, attempting to bomb an alien envoy meeting to discuss their future plans.

The story evolves into a do or die situation as Gabriel and the insurgents Phoenix are pursued not only by the legislators, but also the aliens which are big nasty grisly and grewsome MoFo's.

what unfolds is an example of what can sometimes be described as mankind's cowardice and often greed, when it comes to their own survival, it kind of reminded me of what we are currently seeing in governments around the world at the moment.

But if History has thought us anything, these people always regret those actions and end up paying the ultimate price for abandoning their fellow citizens as happens in the movie.


I found this film extremely difficult to freely find information on regarding the original motion picture soundtrack, I did however find a really detailed account of the movie it's cast and a host of other valuable information on Wikipedia, however what I did find was that it was reported in 2018 that Rob Simonson would compose the film score, which would later be released on Sony Classical with the full score and original song by Simonsen with Kill the Noise and Mija, you can read further details about all this at the following link HERE

Here is a list of other resource links you may find helpful however Amazon requires payment to access.

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A decade after the extraterrestrial invasion, a young man, Gabriel, joins the insurgency against alien rule. However, the resistance against the rebellion comes in his way.
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Captive State is an interesting take on the Science fiction, Alien genre that encompasses control really well and how easily people can be coerced into doing things they may otherwise not have done.

There are some really compelling story lines and action scenes which are quite believable, however I felt the cast and narrative let this particular movie down somewhat, maybe some bigger names might have been a better choice, but in saying that I have no knowledge of the finances of the films production.

It was however a really enjoyable movie to watch because of the many similarities to what is currently happening with our governments today.


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Written by   78
8 months ago
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