Black As Night

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Black As Night is a 2021 coming of age vampire movie set in New Orleans, Ombreaux Housing complex, that houses mostly recovering addicts and disenfranchised homeless people.

During a visit from a teenage girl to her recovering mother who lives there as see attempts to turn her life around and get clean, the young girl accidentally stumbles across a vampires lair.

Although at the time she doesn't realise what she discovered and heads out to a party that evening with her best friend, were she learns to harsh lessons, first never make a fool of yourself coming onto a guy in public and second, the Ombreaux housing complex isn't the kind of place you want to be travelling alone after dark.

On leaving the party embarrassed, after an encounter with the guy she has a crush on, she disturbs something attacking a homeless guy on the street, something that surprises, then attacks and bites her on the neck.

When visiting her mother the following day, she discovers her mother has also been bitten and sets about spending her summer battling the undead and getting revenge for her mother, by going after the vampire leader in hope of returning those already turned back to human again.

The night she was attacked she was saved by a mysterious driver of a red coloured Escalade, who honked his horn before driving away.

In search for answers, she along with some friends head to the vampire lair that she stumbled apon on her first day, where she learns the driver of the Escalade might be the vampire leader and he is planning to build an army by turning the disenfranchised homeless people who he believes will not be missed by anybody, into vampires.

She also learns of his property in the French Quarter of New Orleans, where she must stake out and from there build a plan of a attack.

Things don't go as planned as there never do in these types of movies and the get the wrong vampire.

Then the real battle ensues as the girl and her group of misfits team up with an ancient vampire and enemy of the vampire they seek to wage war on the undead preying on the Ombreaux complex residents.


I couldn't find any soundtrack for this movie, however there is some hip hop beats played in the background at the party scene, If you would like further information about the movie you can find more details on IMDB HERE


A teenage girl with self-esteem issues finds confidence in the most unlikely way, by spending her summer battling vampires that prey on New Orleans' disenfranchised with the help of her best friend, the boy she's always pined for, and a peculiar rich girl..
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Although it's not the usual type of movie I like to watch, I attempted to get more into the Halloween spirit and drop some more in theme reviews, given the month we are in.

In saying that it was watchable, just not the type of movie I would make a habit of watching, their is a strong storyline and character narration and the performances were not half bad either, it just wasn't my type of movie.

I felt it lacked a little something but couldn't quite put my finger on what that was, though I will emphasis I did enjoy how the story weaved and became darker the further into the plot you became.

If the vampire movie thing is a genre you like this will definitely raise some veins in your neck, you might not get that bite you were expecting, but it's enjoyable non the less


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It does sound interesting but I wouldn't like to watch that alone because it sounds dark too but notwithstanding I will take a stroll through the movie just to glance through.

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