Miners Empowerment Rules

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A proposal of rules, to be voted with hashpower, to establish a Miners Empowerment. In order to execute the Bitcoin Whitepaper with precision, to avoid repeating past failures and lead Bitcoin to the global adoption, successfully and fast.


  1. In Hashpower We Trust.

  2. Continuing the Bitcoin Genesis block.

  3. Respecting the Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper.

  4. Users are the absolute power —through markets— in long-term.

  5. Miners are the executive power of Bitcoin, in short-term.

  6. Bitcoin blockchain is the Miners business.

  7. Miners must protect their long-term business.

  8. Present Miners will not introduce new problems to future Miners.

  9. Nobody can force the majority of hashpower to mining a specific block.

  10. Miners Empowerment must be coordinated by HASHCRACY.


  1. Any needed rules and incentives can be enforced with this consensus mechanism.

  2. Decisions are made by majority of hashpower.

  3. Seeking the maximum degree of consensus possible.

  4. Talking and voting on-chain with hashpower, with the BMP tool.

  5. Miners can delegate percentages of hashpower in any address.

  6. Positions of responsibility can be designated and revoked with hashpower.

  7. Respecting your allies in public.

  8. Enforced with HASHWAR.


  1. When diplomacy fails.

  2. Never in minority of hashpower.

  3. Accepting short-term losses in exchange of long-term benefit.

  4. Intentions announced anticipately in coinbase text.

  5. Protecting the Bitcoin blockchain 24/7.

  6. With empty blocks and reorg, if necessary.

  7. Without coercion.

  8. Without double-spends.

  9. Without SPLIT.

  10. Keeping the ticker.

  11. Always forcefully, until victory.


  1. No more divisions in Bitcoin blockchain.

  2. Resolving conflicts by HASHCRACY.

  3. Enforced with HASHWAR.

  4. Empty blocks and reorg to prevent minority split.


  1. Bitcoin blockchain can be developed by professional engineers.

  2. Can be funded with _% of the Coinbase incentive of each block.

  3. Reorg of non-contributing blocks is legitimate.

  4. Devs without conflicts of interest with Miners.

  5. Independently assigned sub-quotas for teams or individuals.

  6. Decision-making by HASHCRACY.


  1. Bitcoin code obeys hashpower.

  2. The majority of hashpower can deploy any code.

  3. A new code repository can be announced in coinbase text.

  4. Enforced with HASHWAR.

  5. Without SPLIT.

Proposal by Javier González González.
[background, research, 2019-10-24]

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