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5 Reasons Why Your Breath Smells Bad Even after Washing Your Mouth.

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1 year ago

Bad breath, is one the most annoying and disgraceful thing one can experience in life. Bad breath can destroy the reputation of someone in the society and within friends. It makes someone to loose his/her value simply because their mouth stinks.

First of all lets look at the definition of Bad breath

Bad breath, is medically called Halitosis which is an offensive smell, which usually comes from poor dental hygiene or health problems which can be known or unknown. Bad breath are usually caused by bacteria, which is caused when food particles are left in the mouth after eating.

Normally, we say bad breath is caused when you don't brush your teeth twice a day, and when you don't brush your tongue, well but this assertion is totally wrong. Bad breath can be caused by a lot of medical conditions, and to type of Food we eat.

So these are the 5 Causes of Bad breath after brushing your mouth.

1) Dry mouth

Dry mouth contributes a lot to bad breath. When your mouth lacks enough saliva, it will begin to smell. You wake up in the morning, and brush your mouth but that is not enough. Not drinking water regularly, can caused bad breath because your mouth is not moist enough, which leads to the formation of bacteria. It's advisable, to drink water regularly or when you feel your mouth, has become too dry.

2) Indigestion

Improper food digestion makes your mouth smell. When your Body takes a lot of time to digest food, it sometimes causes the stomach to rumble and you feel uncomfortable with your stomach. This feeling can be a burning sensation in your belly. This, can lead to excess metabolic activity in your stomach, and can lead to acid reflux.

To prevent this, eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water

3) Food Type

Too much spicy foods causes bad breath. Eating foods like Fish, Noodles accompanied other factors like Onions and garlic, lead to bad breath. However since we cannot do without onions and garlic when cooking, it will be better if you brush after consuming them, or better still use a mouth wash.

4) Gum disease and Teeth Cavities

Gum disease is caused by prolonged build of plague on your teeth. When excess bacteria attacks the gum it will lead to bad breath, anf Tooth decay when left untreated will make your breath to stink.

5) Improper Care of your Tooth Brush

Most of us just brush our teeth, rinse the brush, and then just leave it for another use but we don't know tooth brush can harbour bacteria, and then contribute to bad breath. Haven't you asked yourself, why doctors recommend changing your tooth brush after 3 months? Germs are everywhere which cannot be seen with the naked eyes.

The surfaces which you place your tooth brush might be infected with bacteria without you knowing so, to prevent this you need to disinfect your tooth in the following ways:

1) After brushing, rinse your tooth brush in warm water, and place it in an upward manner to allow it to air dry. Keeping in a cupboard will make it moist and will result to growth of bacteria.

Step 2

Soak your tooth brush in a mouth wash for about 2 minutes, and then rinse with warm water

Step 3

After brushing, store your tooth brush in a small quantity of Hydrogen peroxide. This prevent any growth of bacteria.

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Written by   3
1 year ago
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