Journey of My Life

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2 years ago

I remembered the days when I was young, no thoughts no worries about things. There was no a lot of stress I felt because only playing games was on my mind then. It was nice to go back in time when I had started to learn how to read, write, listen, speak and even count. I would say that those were basic learnings I owed from my dear teachers in elementary.

The moment I tried to look back in my childhood moments, it seemed like a kid smiling which full of happy and clumsy moments. I used to play with my classmates. I didn't care whatever might I looked like. I had too much sweat on my body because of too much playing under the heat of the sun. I was not conscious physically that time even if my clothes were dirty. I experienced being a kid or a child. It was priceless and I called it as once in a lifetime experience.

When I grew up, my mindset, lifestyle and wants changed. I learned to think of my studies. I had to finished it with determination, perseverance and support of my parents. It happened amazingly by the grace of the Lord. I already finished it by the age of 20. But things were not so easy because it was another step looking for a job. I worked as an Intern for six months in an office where in I met new people and learned new ideas. Another job I experienced was a Cashier from a supermarket. It was a wonderful experience because of amazing people and friends around there. But my mind thought, were those jobs related to my bachelors degree? It wasn't so that I pursued my profession. I experienced trials ,too much problems and stress. But luckily I had it I had a stable job. It was the most fulfilling moment because it was my opportunity to helped my parents and showed my love to them. The feeling I gave them what things they deserved, that was one of my dreams which came true.

The life of a kid and an adult was so different. When you were a child, there was no responsibility given yet unlike when you were an adult you had to focus on your goals. There was a maturity behind your purpose. Both stages are keys in my life journey. Those were experiences that strengthened me as a person.

Life is continouosly improving. It didn't stop if you were a kid or an adult. The most important thing was you left footprints on your childhood days because later those were just become memories. Memories were pictures of yourselves. When you grew old you used to looked back on those moments and you would probably featured the moments who you connected.

I will always be thankful to God because He provided all I need. My life, a happy family and my job. All that I have right now is a blessing. God is gracious to me.

Disclaimer: I wrote this article because I'm inspired with God who gave me full of blessings everyday.

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2 years ago