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See life in another's eyes

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1 year ago

There are 2 patient in the hospital as well as in bed. Both of them are on death bed. 1 patient is by the window. No one had the strength to get out of bed. Still,patient, who was by the window, would call the nurse and sit by the window for an hour every afternoon. He stares at the outside. After 1 hour, he would describe what he saw outside to another patient, who was lying on the bed next to him. He used to say every day - Many birds are flying outside. Six children are playing in the field. The Children are making paper boats and floating them in the water. And the mind flies in the sky with the Clouds. Listening to these descriptions while working in a different way. Suddenly one day the patient by the window died.

The nurse on the side bed then asked the nurse to let her stay in the bed next to the window. In the afternoon. He will see nature with his own eyes to day with a lot of hope, he kept his eyes on the window, but alas!! There is nothing but White walls!!!!

He called the nurse and asked, " There is nothing here but the wall ! " So everyday how he describes to me beautiful flowers, nature, birds ? !!

The nurse replied with a smaile, " In fact, he was blind. He used to tell these stories to encourage you to survive........ "

Thanks to @Dreamer

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