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1 year ago
  • Why do birds sing ?

Usually to find a pair, to warn of enemy attack or to live on own the area establish for the birds sing. The vocal cords of birds have a special cell called the synnx below the trachea. This is cell when the birds breathe through it. Vibration is created in the inner membranes and various melodies and songs are created.

  • Why can birds fly ?

Birds fly in the air with their wings, the ball bounces downwards, then Rhythm also uses the ball upwards according to Newtons' formula. As a result, birds can easily fly in the air.

  • Why do the group birds in a "V- shape ?

    Usually a group of migratory birds. The rotating vortex created in the air as a result of the front flight is used by non- rear birds, resulting in a relatively low energy consumption for their flight. So they fly in a V shape.

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