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How to sell anything on the internet

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4 months ago

If you've ever thought of selling on the internet or you have been thinking how all this technology works,then I can authoritatively tell that this article is for you.

This article contains workable and practical ideas that would help you increase your sales,profit and also give you a new set of money making ideas.

The internet is an interesting technology to embrace,you can be selling anything (cars,bikes,house,handphones,books,pets,ebooks,softwares,music,photos,games or selling of service such as ;ticketing agent,real estate agent,car insurance agent etc.) on the internet.

Selling products online is divided into 3 categories:

*Selling 'physical products' online:such as house,cars,bikes, phones, books,pets etc.

*Selling 'downloaded products' online:Such as ebooks,software, music,photos,games etc.

*Selling 'service' online:such as ticketing agent,website hosting, real estate agent,insurance agent,credit cards agent etc.

Get a professional and a marketable website.

A good and professional website is one that is visitors friendly, it should be designed to tell visitors that the webmaster is not an amateur but a trained seasonal professional. In other words, your website is a direct reflection of the services and products that you have to offer.This is enough reason to always endeavor to have the best designed website.

Web hosting service provider

It is the company that will make sure your website is running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.This feature is important to ensure your website can sell products and make money on the internet while you are sleeping.

Write a great sales copy

Sales copies are write- ups or articles written to sell a product or a service.

No matter how great your product is,you still need great sales copy to convey your message.I don't mean good but GREAT.Because,if you want to stay ahead of your competition, your presentation (the copy) is what will separate you and ultimately give you real results.

Create an attention grabbing headline

A winning headline gets straight to the point and promises an answer to the problem your visitor wants you to solve.

Establish your credibility

Your visitors are just two clicks away from dozen or even hundreds of other sites similar to yours.Why should they believe what you have to say? You have to prove very early that you're about to tell them what can be trusted.So:

*Provide your credentials

Detailing your credentials helps establish you as an authority on your subject in the eyes of your visitors and will put you one step close to making the sale.

*Tell a story

Explain the story behind your business or product,and your visitors will relate to you as a person, rather than just seeing a faceless commercial website.

*Use testimonials

Results packed testimonials from happy customers are the most powerful trust builder of all.Make sure they're specific by using your product or service.

*Add a strong guarantee

Since your product or service can't be inspected over the internet, many consumers are understandably cautious about buying online. A strong guarantee shows you stand behind what you're selling.

*Ask for the order

Once you've drawn your visitors through the sales process by explaining the features and benefits of your product or service, you need to spell out exactly what you want your visitor to do.For instance.

*To order now and receive your copy within minutes, click here!

*Tell the world what you have

Now that your website is up and running.

Advertise it through...

-Business online directories.

-Online forum.

-Social media.

-Social bookmarking.

-Socialist news.

-Social networking.

-Social photo and video sharing.

-Google AdWords

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   22
4 months ago
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