Unexpectedly Meeting a Friend

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Good day everyone today I want to share you things that I've done today.

This day I went to the neighbor city of our place to get some documents of my sister. Yesterday my sister chat us if we could get her some documents in the office in the other city because she can't go out because my niece is sick and she can't leave her in the house. That's why she immediately contact us because it was so hard to get an appointment to get that certain documents she waited for almost 3 weeks to have an appointment.

Since my brother is so busy in school I just presented because I can take my classes even though I am not in the house because weren't really required to be open camera during discussions. I woke up around 5:30 am and I immediately take a bath then went to my sister's house to get the things that I need. I get to the jeep station that will go to the another city around 6:30 but it took some time for the jeep to be full and get ready to start around 7:15 the jeep finally full the we started to go ahead.

This ride was really supposed to be around 20-30 minutes drive but since for some reason the traffic was really bad that's why it took us about an hour and 20 minutes to get there. When I got to the other city I just went ahead and ride a tricyle to get to my destination immediately. Around 9:00 I was finally in my destination but there is already a long line of people outside the office. There are around 30 monoblock chairs outside for the people that is waiting. But since there are already so many people I got to seat in the last 2 seat or the 29th chair is available.

After I got to seat there is still more people that is coming. The opening of the office was really 10 am but there is already a lot of people. I am attending in my class around this time because I also have a class that is scheduled at 9 am I saw that there is an old woman that is just standing in the back of the person behind me. I didn't really notice at first because I am busy in my phone but I saw that the old woman is already standing there for almost 15 minutes and the man behind me saw that.

That's why I just decided to give my seat to the old woman because I don't think the man behind me is willing to give up his chair. I don't know if he didn't notice or what because he seems just like fine and because he's around 20+ plus or something. But yeah I just give up my seat because I can just wait and stand.

After I give my seat to the old woman and the lady that is behind the old woman before smile at me. Maybe because she was also worried to the Lola because standing for too long might be hard for her. I just smile back and face in front of the line again. The office opened up at 10 am but the guard said that the person that will do the thing that we have to do is late that's why we can't still move the line. Around 11 am the person who's in charge finally came.

Good thing that she finally got there because my legs hurts already because I am standing for almost 2 hours and I can't seat because the pants that I am wearing so fitted to me and I am worried that it might wreck if I try to seat as well the floor is also so dirty and dusty. I got to finish around 12:30 because the process was really fast.

We just have to submit the things that the lady is asking then fill up some things and pay for it. Then we just have to wait around 15 minutes to be printed but actually it was printed around 2 minutes. I already go out of the office because I am already hungry and my sister didn't plan that I will get up to lunch there because she thought I will be home before lunch that's why she didn't give extra money for lunch. But I also have a money on own to buy lunch but I just don't eat because I will just eat in the house because at this time the fast food might be full because it's lunch break of the people.

I am about to the terminal of jeep there and suddenly I heard a voice that call my name. Then I suddenly saw my friend that is also in here. To be honest I haven't talked the him since the Pandemic because I also don't really chat or go out because of the Pandemic and anything else that's why I didn't know all the things happening to them. I was so surprised because I heard that someone shouting my name across the street and waving to me.

At first I really didn't know who it was because I can't see clearly when far away that's why I didn't recognize it immediately. Then he close by and I saw that it was one of my friend from Junior High school. Well we know each other since Elementary but we just became friends we got into Highschool. We talked to each other and decided to eat in the near fast food chain because we are both hungry.

We went inside the Jollibee luckily there's some tables left in the 2nd floor that's why we just went there and order. I ordered a Spaghetti with Chicken and then a fries and ice cream because I am really hungry that time and my friend also ordered the same. We almost got an argument because he was insisting that he will pay for the foods because he promised to me when we are Junior High that if we Graduate and I am the Top 1 of our batch he will treat me but I keep insisting that we will pay for our own foods because I really don't like the idea that other people paying for my foods and I feel uncomfortable about it that's why I just convinced him that he will just treat me when we go out with our friends next time.

We just talk to each other while the foods wasn't still arriving. I just knew that he and his family already live in this city since last year and I really don't have any idea at all. He also ask me why I am doing here in this city and I just explain it to him. I thought I am the only with no really have to connection with other my batch mates and friends it turns out that he also got no connection with others.

I just knew that he was going to the private school and it really have a quite high tuition fee. He said that his mother enroll him and his sister there. Well the tuition fee wasn't really there problem because they are quite rich. The tuition fee there per year is almost 60,000+ for Senior Highschool that's why it was quite high but his tuition was deducted by the Government Voucher plus he was a scholar in his school that's why his tuition was lower father. He was really smart and his whole family was also smart that's why most of them have a stable job plus he his mother side was really a quite rich 😂.

His mother was a doctor here in the Philippines and his father was a doctor overseas. And his older brother is a seaman that's why they wasn't really concerning about the tuition fee. He said that he will also pursue being a doctor. And he asked me what I will take in College but I just told him that I still don't know. He was convincing me to pursue medicine but I told him that my father can't handle that.

Then we just shared some stories about some topics like about our past batch mates and classmates and stuffs. After we eat we just go out and he accompanied me into the jeep terminal. And I already got in the jeep. I just realized that we haven't really take any photos at all. Well we are not really people that into taking photos of ourselves that's why maybe we both forgot 😂. This friend of mine was really kind despite coming from a quite high background. When I was in Elementary I am really wondering why his parents sent him into public schools. And it was because of his father decision.

His father decided that his child will go into public school during Elementary or High school so that they will learn to make a lot of friends in different kinds of people and they just sent there children into a good school when they are already in either Highschool or College. And I think that was really a good choice because all of his siblings and him was really kind and know how to socialize with other people. And in the house they don't have a maid there because they know how move and things around the house by themselves. They just have someone that is helping them to cook because there parents wasn't around.

Around 3 pm I already got into our house and I already went to my sister then give those papers to her.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading this article. After I got home body is really tired and my legs hurts because I am standing for almost 2 hours and the pants that I wear was quite tight to me.

Lead Image used was from Dan Gold uploaded in Unsplash


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1 year ago


Nice one buddy. Bihira nalang yung ganyan, yan yung isang namamatay sa kagawian ng Filipino, ang magbigay ng sit sa mga matatanda or may kapansanan.

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1 year ago

Kaya nga po. Binigay ko lang naman po yung upuan dun sa Lola kasi matagal na oras pa po yung aantayin ihh mahirap po sa matatanda na tumayo ng matagal.

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1 year ago

That was a journey bro! You are so kind to let the old woman to replace you in your seat. Well, that's a good thing to do. You made the entire men community proud.

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1 year ago

Well I guess most of the people will let their seats especially if they can just stand and doesn't have physical problems. Because I also know that standing for too long is something that older people might have a problem with.

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1 year ago