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Have ever feel embarrassed asking stuffs in your parents?

I just turned into a legal age a few weeks ago even though I am still considered to be young by some people and I still need to depend in my parents to survive. My parents were separated ever since I was in kindergarten that's why I grew up in my grandparents house. But I just started living with in my father's house a few years ago because my grandparents moved into a new place. Even though I don't have any hatred to my parents even they got separated when I was little I wasn't really that close to the both of them.

When I was a child my father is always going home in my grandparents house where I live that's why I am quite close to him while I always go to my mom's house in the another province every school break or vacation. When my grandparents moved out I feel quite weird because I am already used in living with them ever since I was a child. I don't have any problem with taking care of myself because ever since I was little I am used to cook and wash my clothes by myself and I don't have any problem in my school life either even though I am not really good when I was in Elementary and I am always in Honors when I got into highschool.

The one of my many problems with my parents is asking for money or stuffs. I am really embarrassed to ask for money or stuffs from my parents because I wasn't really used to asking for something in my parents even though I really need it. When I was in highschool we always have something to pay or some projects to do that cost some money I asked money from my father if I know to myself that I can't pay it myself but most of the time I just save my daily allowance to school that I received every day before I go to school. I am always trying to look for ways to save money like I am just walking home than taking a public transportation because I have some friends that living nearby our house and sometimes we just decided to walk to home so that we can just spend some time before we go home. I also not eating when recess because I make sure that I eat something before I leave home so that I am just gonna eat my lunch and I don't feel hungry when the recess start.

When I was in highschool there are three of us that is going to school. I am just studying in the junior level while my oldest sister is already graduating student in College and my older brother is living in my aunt's house because she is the one that supports my brother while he was studying. My father is working as an electrical engineer in a company that and he is the only one supporting us that time and he also sends some money to my half sister that is living with her mother in other place while we can't really ask money from my mother because she wasn't making a lot of money and she also need to support my another half sister in her side.

I am always embarrassed to ask for money even though I need it when I was still little and that grows even big now that I am already quite older. I am currently studying in the mode of Online Learning / Online class and one of things that I need while attending in it is Data Connection in attending in zoom classes it always eat a lot data and I also use a quite big amount of data in making and passing requirements like documents or video into my teachers. My father always give us a loading allowance every week but it is not enough and I am embarrassed to ask for more good thing I have some extra money that I get from using noise and I can save some money from buying load from shoppe because there is a discount when you buy load from there. There is a lot things that I want when I was growing up like when I see my friends got a new gadgets or new stuffs when I was I child I always feel jealous of it but I never asked for my parents for it that's why today when I want something I am always trying to look for ways to get in on my own and now when I see my friend or someone with new things or something I already don't feel jealous about it because I am more mature now and I know how hard to earn money is that's why I don't really waste it just spend more wisely.

Author's Note:

I am gonna end it here because I feel like it is so long already. Thank you for reading and Always stay safe.

Edit: Thank you for everyone that reads this long article

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