Zero to Million #1

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7 months ago

I'm a little late today to let you know how the first month went from 0 to million.

I want to inform you first that I had a serious accident that prevented me during this month from writing repeatedly and even from working, so the result of this first month I can say that it was insignificant. So the important thing is not to give up and move on.

That said, the only income I had this month was income from my job and with all the medical expenses that were a little expensive, I only have R$450 left. opportunity reserve.

Cash is cash that will be used in the short term, which is what I use to pay bills and groceries.

The Emergency Reserve is designed to cover fixed expenses in the event of an unforeseen event, I leave it in a bank that yields 100% of the CDI, which currently stands at 13.65%.

Reserve of Opportunities will be used to take advantage of good market opportunities, in which it is also in the CDI.

 This is how the 1 month ends, I regret not having been able to inform you earlier.

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