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The key to success is self-control.

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1 year ago

The mind is the greatest tool for human success and the biggest obstacle in the way of human failure and life.

Every human being has different needs, every human mind has different needs. If you wish, you can use your mind for good deeds and if you wish, you can fill your mind with laziness and drive it towards failure.

Mind control, giving priority to the needs of the mind is limited to everyone. Those who hope to do something good in life, dream of doing something good, those who want to focus on the right thing every time and every moment to create a success story, only they want to know - they realize that they are spending the right time in life !

Those who want to create a story of achieving goals in life and those who want to achieve success want to know how to reach the main goal by controlling themselves and performing tasks.

Honestly, there are many people whose minds are not interested in any positive work.

The main reason for this is a lot of laziness. The mind is doing what it says. We must always remember that when the mind signals interest in positive action, it must do so, and when it shows interest in negative action, it must fight against it. Because, when the mind wants, it cannot be done without thinking. You must think that the mind is indicating where to work! How accurate is that?

Although it is not possible to concentrate on 100% positive work, we have to try our best. Because there is a way to try, there is a solution.

With an example,

Think that 2 students are examinees. There is 1 month from the start of the examination.

The same expectation of 2 students is to get good result in the exam.

1st student did a lot of study from the first day for the purpose of good results.

The 2nd student thought, since there is still 1 month left for the exam, there will be no problem if you study a few days later.

He further decided, "I don't feel well today, I will study from tomorrow". Also decided that, "a good movie has started on TV today so I will watch the movie today and study from tomorrow".

At the end of the test, the first student did well, but the second student did not.

The reason is that the first student studied with a lot of attention, gave enough time to study and won by fighting with the mind.

But the second student lost the battle with his mind and did not study with enough time and attention for which the result was not good.

Because, controlling yourself is the biggest skill. The more successful a person is in controlling himself, the more successful he will be. Learn to control yourself then success will be very easy to touch.

If you look at the statistics, you will see that very few people succeed and the number of failures is high.

I read in a book a long time ago (I don't remember the name of the book), it was written that 20% of the people in the world are successful and 80% of the people are unsuccessful. 80% of people are dependent on 20% of people.

One of the tasks we have to do to get people to their goals is to do the right thing at the right time.

Everyday work should be done every day. The habit of saving one day's work for the next day leads people to failure.

There are many people in our society who save daily work for another day. Then a lot of work is accumulated for which it is not possible to do so much work one day but although it is possible there is a lot of mental and physical pressure and for that the desire to work another day is lost and people run towards laziness.

Let's find out how to reach the goal by controlling yourself:

  • Anything important to do:

    There are many who work but do not work seriously. This habit is really bad.

    If you don't work seriously, you won't get interested in work. There are many who work or study but also use mobile phones or talk or chat with someone else. These are actually not right.

    Sometimes we see some bus drivers, truck drivers, bike drivers driving with one hand and talking with someone else while holding the mobile phone in the other hand.

    At the same time there is a concentration break for which there is an accident.

"So to do any work we should do that work with maximum concentration then the work can be done nicely."

  • Select a place to study or do any other work:

    There are many people who do not select the right and environmental place to study or do any important work. For which the concentration of work is lost. Beautiful environment, a room with adequate light and air is needed for studying or any other work.

    You can decorate the study or any other working room with different flowers or colorful fabrics so that you will have a good focus on your work.

    There are many who feel comfortable working by the window but one thing to keep in mind, there are many who look out of the window while studying which causes loss of concentration in the study.

"So you have to control yourself from all sides and work with concentration and it needs a beautiful, quiet and environmentally friendly place."

  • After completing any task, go to the next step:

    There are many people who start another job without finishing it which is not right. There are many people who get busy with entertainment / games in the middle of their studies for which the concentration of studies is lost and then they lose interest in studying.

    But yes, of course, in addition to studying or any other work, recreation, sports, exercise, hangouts with friends, going for a walk, everything is needed in life. But these have to be done with the goal in mind. If you can't think of anything else by destroying the main goal, then you will stray from the goal.

    So any work has to be done like serial. And he needs a routine. There are many people who can't do routine work even if they make routine. And for that, everyone should fight with the mind and work on time routinely.

    So which is the essence?

    The bottom line is that you can't control yourself, you can't win by fighting with your mind.


The more a person understands himself, the more he will be able to control his mind and keep him engaged in the right path. There must be something good for every right deed if it is done correctly.

It is very easy to deviate from the main goal if you do not work by controlling yourself, but there is a bright future in the right work at the right time by controlling yourself.

P.S. The lead image collected from Google.

I hope that you like my article.

Thanks everyone.

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Written by   235
1 year ago
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