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"Some important tools"

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10 months ago

Today I will talk about some important tools.

These tools continue to play a very important role in the world of online marketing.

Many times I will write many types of notes, many times I may have to share many types of files, these tools will be useful in this kind of place.

These tools are:

1. (Skype)

2. (Gmail)

3. Google drive

4. (Dropbox)


Tools Uses and Requirements:


Professional tools when you communicate with a professional client Need to communicate through. Then Vivar, WhatsApp, Emo will not be used.

Because no professional person mixes personal life and everything else with their professional work. In that case Skype is a tool that Microsoft Relatives is a very professional tool that allows you to share personal opinions with special people.

This tool is very easy on how to sign up on your laptop, PC or phone.

You can also sign up by watching videos on YouTube if you want which will play a very important role for digital marketing.


Gmail is an email service.It was created by Google, hence the name Gmail.There are very few people who do not have a Gmail account.

As soon as you create a Gmail account, you get Google 15 GB of data for free where you can save important files in a very easy way. By attaching files, images or any kind of data or information we can easily share with others.

Many people know a lot about Gmail, but I will share some extra features of Gmail, hopefully those of you who don't know will understand something. There are many more tools attached to Gmail such as: Google Drive, Maps,news,Duo, Photos, Meet, Play Store etc.

3. Google Drive:

When you log in to Google Drive on your laptop or PC, you'll see a variety of options, such as: Google docs, Google slides, Google sheets, Google form.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

With Google Docs, you can write something and save it. When you write any data there, the interesting thing is that it will be saved as soon as you write it. Because at any time the electricity is gone so that our laptop or PC is turned off so that we don't lose our data and if we want we can share the text live with someone on the other end.

With Google Slides we can arrange and write our necessary presentations.

Using the Google Forms option, we can create a form of our own and share that form with others to get data and get response.

Those of us who work in various online marketing will find this tool very useful.


This is another interesting tool.

We can easily sign up by going to the option.

However, if there is a problem to sign up, I can sign up by watching YouTube videos. It is best to sign up with Gmail.Now let's find out how to use it:

As soon as you create a Dropbox account, you will get 2 GB of data where we can save our files and data in the same way through the drive.

Another advantage of this is when you create this Dropbox or download the app and install it on your PC or laptop.

Interestingly, you will notice that your laptop or PC has a C drive, a D drive, just as another drive called Dropbox will be created.

When you place a file in your Dropbox from any end, you will see that if you connect your laptop or PC to the net, that file will automatically move to your laptop or PC.

Another advantage is that you can add more space in your Dropbox by referring to your friend or someone else.

You can transfer your referral link via email or copy and share it by going to plan option in setting option.

If you want, you can easily increase the 2 GB space by signing up for Dropbox by entering the above link. Every referral bonus 500mb space in your account.


Using this tool we can easily edit the image as required, change the background of any image, we can create our own visiting card, logo, Facebook cover photo if we want, for which we can go to and sign up first. Have to take.

Thanks you.❤️

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Written by   235
10 months ago
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