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Responsibilities and duties towards our parents.

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11 months ago

Parents are the greatest gift from God to a child. The place of parents in this world is above all. The most beautiful relationship in this world is the relationship of the child with the parents. The relationship of the child with the parents is one of the best relationships of love.

Those of us who have come to this world and are enjoying the light and air of the world, our parents have brought us to the world of an infinite beauty.

A child is very helpless when it is born, and then the child grows up in the love, caress, affection and care of the parents. Parents consider everything when the child needs or does not need. The only parent in this world who loves a child without self-interest. There is only one meaning for parents. That is: "May my child be happy." Just as a human heart is needed for a human being, parents are needed for a child to be born.

Even if everyone in the world leaves you, parents will never leave you because parents are the foundation of love for every child. Therefore, every child has many responsibilities and duties towards parents.

For every child their parents always wish well. Every child's parents want their child to improve a lot in life, study well, treat people well and be known as a human being. The only hope is that the child will be happy, that their child will never have to suffer. Every parent is proud of their child's well-being and feels very happy. As a child grows older, so does the age of the parents. So there comes a time when the child becomes active while the parent's ability to work decreases.

There are many children who, in the midst of their own work and preoccupation, or intentionally push their parents away, do not care, that is, the parents are neglected by them.

I usually see that,

Many parents are seen working in old age homes and children living in large buildings with their spouses and their children! This is really heartbreaking! We should love our parents just as we did when we were young and nurtured and nurtured us with love and affection.

Every religion has given a lot of importance to parents. "There is no one in this world as miserable as the one who got parents, that is, did not serve them, did not love them."

No one can succeed in life by hurting his parents. Parents are paradise for the child. No one has ever been as great as his parents in this world. Those who love their parents are successful. Because the prayer of the parents for the child to the Creator is the weapon of a child's war.

We should help parents. Be satisfied with what parents need when. When our parents are sick, we have to take care of them quickly and seek medical help. It is the duty of every child to always pay attention to their parents.

Every parent tries and gets what their child wants and gets. So we too should sacrifice and love ourselves for our parents.

No matter how big the child is, it is only a child to the parents. You have to be loyal and obedient to your parents in all situations.

We should all follow the justice and principles of our parents. Because maybe one day you or I will be the parent of our child. Every child should follow the path that pleases the parents. We should never do anything that would ruin the respect of parents in the society. We should always pray to the Creator for those whose parents are not alive on this earth so that they will benefit in the Hereafter. Because the Creator accepts the prayers of the parents for the child, just as the Creator accepts the prayers of the children for the parents.

The love of parents is undeniable which is incomparable.Parental love debt can never be repaid. If we love our parents, we will have peace in this world and in the hereafter.

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Written by   235
11 months ago
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