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My ideal father(Super Man)

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Written by Β Β 235
1 year ago

I have submitted many articles before here but my topic today is completely different. I wrote today about my father. My dad is my role model My dad is a superhero to me.

Every parent is ideal for every child. Every child grows up following the rules of the father.

Following the rule of an ideal father, the child is also identified as an ideal child who is identified as a very valuable person in the society.

I have 2 younger brothers and sisters in my family. I am my father's eldest son. I have been following my father since I was very young.

I tried to figure out how my dad was talking. I also followed how my dad ate. I still try to figure out how my dad is doing. I used to try to smile like my father did .. ha ha haπŸ˜€.

I used to try cycling like my dad used to do, even though I didn't know how to do cycling then...ha ha haπŸ˜…

One day when I went cycling on the road, I was in a lot of pain, my legs were amputated, and I was bleeding.😒 Then my mom and mom forbade me to try cycling again and even keep a distance from the bike. I still tried to hide.πŸ˜€

After trying for a while I was able to do cycling. Then I felt a lot of happiness. I did that by following my father.

Everyone says I'm like my father. 😍Because the manner of speaking, the way of walking, the way of speaking, the voice, the behavior are all very much related to my father. If ever a friend of yours talks to my dad on the phone, he gets confused at first! Because my voice is very much related to my father's voice.

I have a very good relationship with my father, but not for free. My father is a very sensitive person. He doesn't like to talk unnecessarily, to quarrel with anyone, to treat anyone badly.

Every person in my village and other villages is positive about my father. My father doesn't like anything extra.

Father & son. The picture is very beautiful right?πŸ’ž

"Here are some of the lessons my father always taught me:

(01). Always use good manners and avoid conflict:

It is the duty of every human being to treat every human being well. Identity of good behavior clan" Right? The better a person behaves, the more admirable he is and the healthiest person in society. Humanity can be achieved only through good use.

Being educated only by studying and arguing with other people and behaving badly does not mean being educated. The purpose of being educated is to develop humanity. But not all people are perfect, they can be wrong. If you make a mistake, you have to apologize.

The most hated person in the society is the one who always fights with the father, mother, children, wife and anyone else in his family. Because quarreling is not good, it is a very bad habit. It destroys people very easily.

My father adhered to these and taught me since I was little and this is the ideal I still cherish today.

(02).Not being jealous of others:

There are many people in the society who can't do anything good in life but can't tolerate the good of others, can't tolerate the success of others. Finds happiness in the hardships and failures of others. This is definitely a very bad thing. Jealousy destroys people.

Every human being should be happy with the happiness of others without being jealous of others and feel his own suffering in the suffering of others.

'My father explained to me about more different aspects of it.'

(03). Don't always think of yourself as a great person:

"By big here I mean a person with a lot of qualifications and personality."

Happiness is not always found in thinking of oneself as big. You see, those who think they are too big have little or no education. There is no end to understanding and knowing in this world. Intelligent people are those who know enough but they are interested to know more and they think they did not know anything! Their time is very short! They need to know more. They always think they are small in terms of knowing and learning.

On the other hand, ignorant people know very little and think they know too much!

Feeling too big, they lose interest. So I always have to explain my personality to myself. I am still very young, I have to grow up.

The person who thinks he is big is not big, the person who is called big by other people is big.

-'My father is known to the people around him as a person with a personality and ideal but my father never thinks of himself as such. And that education was also given to you by my father."

(04). Always work towards specific goals:

My father always works by analyzing justice with a healthy brain, keeping his goals in mind. Joins any work after understanding what are the positive aspects of the work and what are the negative aspects. Think about what steps you need to take in order to do something and achieve good results.

My father always tells me, "You have to think about it before you do anything. It is not possible to say in advance how good the result will be at the end of the work, but don't make the mistake of trying."

My father used to tell me from a young age that I was an expert in the subject and always inspired me a lot. My dad gives enough importance to get the goal right and it should be for everyone.

(05). Always be honest:

My father is a very honest man.

I have found it in some people to lie and encourage others to do negative things, but I have not seen it in my father. Because my father is always honest and supports me in honest work. My father explained to me the benefits of every good deed and the evil of bad deeds.

We all know that lying is a great sin. It is always possible to be safe from all bad deeds by following the path of honesty.

I always try and hold on to this ideal of my father. I think my father is a special person to me in this world. Every action of my father inspires me to follow the right path.

'My father always tries to explain to me about the positive and the negative.'

I am my father's obedient child. I always try to fulfill every word, every deed, every wish of my father. My father loves me very much. If I ever get sick, my dad gets sick. What a child needs to be taught from an early age depends very much on the father. Every child grew up here as our father. A father teaches his child how to behave, how to treat other people outside. My father is my role model. Every action and every word of my father always makes me realize because every word is reasonable and meaningful.

I love my father, I love every word of my father, I love my father's honesty, I love my father's personality.I am always proud of my father. My father is the greatest gift from God to me. My father is my source of honesty, guidance and inspiration.

P.S. The picture collected from

Thank you everyone for reading my article. I hope that you like my article most.πŸ’ž

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Written by Β Β 235
1 year ago
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Very nice article

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1 year ago

Thank you so much.😍😍

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

no wonder you are a good person because your father is nice too :)

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1 year ago

Thanks a lot dear for your valuable compliment.😍😍

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1 year ago

Very nice article,all father is super man

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1 year ago

Right dear. Thank you.☺️😍

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1 year ago

hi jakir...very good article...view me

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1 year ago

View? Why? Now payement don't depends on the view. Just need to Qualities article.😊

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