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My drug-addicted wife-(III)

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11 months ago


Anyway, today is my wedding. I just like to see everyone having a lot of fun, laughing, playing, having fun. But I don't care if my marriage doesn't look good today.

Police bed tonight. ‘Sanjana’ is sitting in the room waiting for me. I entered the room with courage in mind.

I sat and talked for a while. I didn't say anything and Sanjana was silent.

- "After a while, an unfamiliar voice came out of Sanjana's mouth," Not saying that! How are you? "

"Yes, I'm fine," I replied hesitantly.

- "Aren't you satisfied with marrying me?" - Sanjana said again

- "No! Nothing like that. Why would that be! Okay" - I replied again.

"I woke up in the morning and noticed that Sanjana was lying next to me. There's a cigarette and a bottle of alcohol on the floor. "

Sanjana Afrin woke up fresh and came to me and sat down.

- "Are you very worried? Are you thinking of something? - Sanjana asked me

- "No. I'm not thinking of anything."

- "I know what you're thinking

- "What?

"I've been drinking and addicted to drugs since I was 18," Sanjana said.

We are a part of life addicted to drugs.

I know you don't like it, you're not intoxicated, that's why you don't like my habit!

My family is aware of this habit of mine so I hope you never discuss this matter with your family.

- Suddenly my mother came and said, "You two come for breakfast now."

Before I could finish, Sanjana and I sat down to eat.I ate a little food and left the house. I am sitting in a quiet place.

There was a lot of tension between me.

I was very depressed before I got married, which was not the end of another tension was working inside me! What can be done now! I do not understand what I should do now!

I thought I would share the matter with my mother but I also thought, "Since I am newly married but now if I tell my mother about this then the result will not be good.

Reason 1: Sanjana is now my wife. She forbade me to tell anyone about it.

Reason 2: If I share this with my family, everyone in my family will put pressure on Sanjana. The Sanjana family will give Sanjana pressure when my family can tell the Sanjana family about this. On the other hand, Sanjana will give me pressure about this.

Considering everything, I was trying to control myself and I was still trying.

One thing I followed was that Sanjana was giving me so much love. Caring, inquiring. When I arrived at the office, what I was doing, whether I was eating on time or not, when I would reach home, everything was looking for me every day.

Sanjana is really much more beautiful to look at. Very smart and intelligent. I never spoke, keeping an eye on Sanjana.

Gradually my mind is being conquered but in one thing I am paused. Because I can't stand it at all.

I dared to say to Sanjana one day, "I am not pleased with you, I will be pleased with you the day you get rid of the drug, and I will give you the highest status as a husband".

- "I don't want to talk to you about this again later" - Sanjana left my room and went to another room.

This is how our family continued. A few days later our first wedding anniversary.

There is no excitement inside me.

Sanjana told me, "Our first wedding anniversary in a few days, for which I am very excited. I have left something special for you that day that you will be most happy with."

I replied, "What ??

- "No, I won't say it now" - Sanjana replied.

Today my mother's body is not good.

Blood pressure has risen. I went to get medicine.

As I was crossing the road, my legs collided with a bicycle, causing a lot of bleeding and a lot of pain.

For which Sanjana has cried a lot today.

He fed me with his own hands.

He kissed my forehead and touched my head and said, "There will be a lot of tension with you from now on, I am in a lot of pain. I can't stand your pain. I love you so much. "

This is the first time I've heard it from Sanjana's mouth, it's nice to hear "love".

- Today is your first wedding anniversary.

All sorts have been arranged. Sanjana wants to tell me something before cutting the cake.

I said, "Of course."

Sanja told me, "I'm not a drug addict. I lied to you.

I know you don't like that. Your idea is that urban girls are not good. Not everyone is the same. Human habits, human tastes and habits are changing in any situation.

One thing that is very remarkable about our marriage here at present is that marriage is done only considering money, beauty, educational qualifications.

Apart from these, there are other things like what it is like to be a person with whom you have to spend your whole life! Who's a mentality is very good!

I was just listening to all of Sanjana.

Sanjana added, "I'm not an intoxicated girl. I did all this just to test you.

How much you care about me and how much you can solve my guilt by hiding it!

You passed my test.

I was happy and hugged my wife (Sanjana) tightly and said I love her very much.

Sanjana said, let's cut the cake now. The cake was cut. The two have a beautiful family.

  • Note 1: If someone leaves your life, do not break. Always remember that something better than what was waiting for you.

  • Note 2: Only beauty and educationally qualified people can live together for life.

    Personality and love are needed first of all.

    You should spend your whole life with the one who loves you.

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The End.

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Written by   235
11 months ago
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Wow! So heart touching story. My heart melt to read that story. You are Really amazing writer. I appreciate your work. Hope you'll share more

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11 months ago

Thanks a lot dear for always appreciate me & providing me your valuable Compliment.😍😍

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11 months ago

You are most welcome

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11 months ago