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My drug-addicted wife-II

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11 months ago

October 30, 2020


"I had a 5-year relationship with a girl named Mahi. Mahi was 1 year younger than me.

Mahi was very beautiful. My acquaintance with Mahir was in a passenger train. Deep relationship since the talk.

Mahi was from the city. There were 2 people of opposite nature. He liked what I didn't like. He disagreed with what I liked. Yet love was not less. In many ways I loved Mahi.

Mahi loved me very much.

When I was unemployed for some time after finishing my studies, I was looking for a job but it was not confirmed, then Mahi used to put pressure on me about marriage. I just said wait a minute I will marry you if any of my jobs are confirmed. I believed in Mahi a lot.

A few days later, Mahi cut off communication with me. Then one day I found out that Mahi had married another boy.

Which I wasn’t ready to hear. I was emotionally broken. After informing all my friends about the matter, they gave me courage and various suggestions to control myself.

I mean, I couldn't wait. Shortly after that, my job was confirmed.

Mom entered my room again the next day.

I lay down and sat up from the bed.

Mom said to me, "Have you decided to get married?"

- "No mom. Although I haven't decided to get married yet, I will never marry a girl who has grown up in the city!"

- "Why? - Mom asked in surprise

- "You don't understand this."

- The girl is good in the city. Some are good and some are bad. That can be bad in all situations. These two aspects, good or bad, depend on the mentality of the person and through him the personality of the person is revealed.

A person's personality does not depend on position. I hope you understand - Mom told me.

- "I understand" - I replied.

- "I'm taking care of the necessary things for marriage then - my mother left my room with a smile on her face.

- "I said," Mommy, where are you going? Listen to me ..... !!!

- "I will listen to you after completing the necessary things for the wedding and arranging everything - I left with a smile.

- Mahir is reading. I miss my past love Mahi a lot. I used to see that I would be happy in life by marrying Mahi, there would be a lot of love between us. I used to think a lot about all this.

But where is Mahi still? Maybe there is good with others, there is happiness.

I'm going to marry another stranger girl in a few days, how can I accept this! Just as Ha Mahi has accepted another man as her husband, I will also accept 'Sanjana Afrin' as my wife. Thinking this made my mind harder.

In fact, human life is very strange. No one can say when something new happens in someone's life.

The wedding has been arranged. I sat at the table and picked up the diary. Wanting to write something, I sat down to write.

4 days after today, 'Sanjana Afrin' and I got married. I am not mentally ready for marriage. I am getting married for the happiness of two families. The excitement inside me was not working.

What can I do! How can I live with a stranger who has never spoken to Maya! I was also thinking about how to be free between 2 people.

To be continued......

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Thank you all reader's.❤️

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Written by   235
11 months ago
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