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My drug-addicted wife-I

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4 months ago


I have completed B.Sc in 2 years ago. I got a job through a lot of effort and hard work. I am working in a company as a senior officer. I feel a lot of comfort in this job.

I have been living in the village since childhood. I like the village environment very much.

I often lie in bed with room doors, windows closed, and room lights switched off. Because I like to reminisce in the middle of the silent silence in a dark room.

In that context, one evening I closed the door-window and slept in a dark room. It was evening. It was raining outside so it felt a little cold, for which the fan switch was also off. There were different kinds of memories then and I was drowning in reminiscences. Just then I heard a knock on the door of my room.

I said from inside the room.....

- "Who?"

- "Open the door" - My Mom's voice came out.

I quickly got out of bed and opened the door.

- "Why is the room light switched off this evening?" - Mom asked me.

I said, "Mom, nothing like that, do you want to tell me something?"

My Mom said to me, "Now turn on the light in the room and come to the dining table. I am giving you food and I have something important to say to you after the meal."

I turned on the room light and went to the dining table and finished dinner and came to my room and sat down.

Mom came to my room after finishing all the work and sat next to me.

Mom touches my head with her hand and says with a smile, "My son has grown up, my son is very beautiful"!

I'm not surprised. Because I understood that my mother did not say these things without any reason, of course there is a secret reason behind saying these things.

- "Mom tell me now what you want to say, I understand you've come here with something."

-Mom said, "Why do you understand so much?

- "That's why I'm your son..ha..ha...ha" - I said with a smile and my mother smiled with me.

I said to my mother again, "What is your important thing now?"

Mom said, "Yes, I'll tell you now."

Mom said again, "Now what I'm going to say is very important, these words are very important for you and for all of us. So I hope you listen carefully."

I replied to my Mom's words, "Well, of course."

My mom tells me, "You are the eldest child in the family. You have grown up, you understand a lot. You are doing a job after finishing your studies. You have the ability to understand enough.

I am your mother I must wish you well. Your father and I decided to arrange your wedding.

At this moment I stopped my mother in the middle of the conversation and said, "But mother .....

- "At first Let me finish talking" - Mom said

- "Well say I'm listening."- I replied to my Mom.

My mom started saying again, "The girl is your father's office colleague's daughter. Her name is 'Sanjana Afrin'. Whole family of her family like you very much, they liked to see you when your father's colleague and his daughter were visiting our house a few days ago. Also I and your father talked to the girl personally. The girl likes you very much. She wants to be from the village boy wants to get married. There is no intention to marry a city boy already. And you are a very polite boy, that's why she liked you more. We all agree on this marriage now just relying on your opinion.

"But Mom, I don't want to get married now, I want to think more about marriage later." - I replied in surprise.

- "Now there is no problem, what is the problem to get married?" - Mom said in surprise.

Mom also added, "Your father has kept his word to his colleague. The girl is very beautiful and educated to look at, so what could be the reason for the problem!"

- I closed the door and turned off the lights in the room again and was thinking a lot while lying down. I was thinking about my past. I was thinking about the difficult moments in my life that my family is not aware of. I never went to tell my family about this. I was thinking about the past with that misery. So I decided never to get married.

_To be continued........

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Written by   232
4 months ago
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