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"My changing dreams"

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1 year ago

People love dreams too.

Every man loves to dream.

I also love to dream and I try very hard to make that dream come true.

My dreams are different, weird dreams.

Everyone has specific dreams since childhood but I don't have any specific dreams.

When I like something, I start dreaming about it.

I have had many different dreams since I was a child. Such as:

1. When I was little, some friends and girlfriends used to play a kind of game called shopping.

And I used the leaves of the trees as money for that business and I used the pieces of wood or any kind of forest fruit as a product. Ha ha ha😅

At that time I owned a lot of money (tree leaves) Ever since then I have dreamed that one day I will have a lot of money, I will have a lot of money and with that money I will be able to fulfill any wish at any time.

The bottom line is: I dreamed of owning a lot of money.

2. Since our home was in the village, planes or planes would occasionally fly over our home. (Those of us who live in the village here see it occasionally but those who live in the city always see it).

When I heard the sound of the plan, I would come out of the cage and watch the plane with great joy.

Then I dreamed that one day I would have a lot of money and something with that money I will buy a plane and I will be a pilot. Ha ha ha is it really funny right?😅

3. I was a movie lover when I was younger. I used to watch a lot of movies then. Everything that was in the movie I thought was reality. I especially liked action movies.

I was fascinated when the hero fought to save the heroine. So Sometimes some friends and girlfriends would get together and we would try to act like a movie ourselves. Then I dreamed that I would be a hero. I wanted to be a hero and I would fight a lot. The scenes in the movie had a great impact on me in real life.😁

4. I saw a movie when I was in fourth grade. It was a Bangladeshi movie.

Hero married many. All the wives used to gain a lot from the hero.

Then I dreamed that I would get married a lot.🙈 Is that too funny right? 😂

5. When I was in seventh grade, one day one of our sirs asked everyone, "Whose dream is it?" When everyone says their dream is to be a doctor, I agree with them and say, "I'll be a doctor."

A few days later, when I found out that the doctor's job was to perform an operation and to see a lot of bleeding with my own eyes, this dream came to life.

6. I used to hear from people in my family and other people in the village that the value of university students is much higher and much more talented. So,

When I was admitted to college after school, I dreamed that I would study at the university. For that I studied a lot and I got a chance at university leaving a lot of students behind.😍

Now I dream that next time I will do something good for helpless people and for that I need love and money. I dream of reaching the advanced peak. I dream of reaching the hearts of all people so that I can keep everyone in my love and be in love with everyone.

As a person gets older, his self-esteem, intelligence and morale increase. Their dreams are not ruined in the shoot.

They can make any dream come true with their specific target.

Thousands of dreams will come along the way in life but it is impossible to fulfill all the dreams together.

To fulfill dreams, first select one dream without deciding to fulfill your dreams together and after fulfilling it, set a goal to fulfill another dream

Thanks everyone.

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Written by   235
1 year ago
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