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Heartless husband-(ii)

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11 months ago

Part: 02

-After a while my father came home.

Babul Saheb came forward to Dad and said, "How are you?"

Dad replied, "Well, how are you?"

Mr. Babul nodded and replied, "I'm not well."

Dad said, "Why?

Mr. Babul said, "You know why it's not good, Uncle."

Mr. Babul said to Mr. Babul, "You make yourself not good. You can't be good without keeping others good. I hope you understand, Mr. Babul."

Mr. Babul bowed his head and said softly, "Yes, I understand."

My father is preparing food. As he was about to freshen up for dinner, he said to Babul Sahib, "Babul Saheb ... come with me. You will sit down to eat with me now when you are fresh".

Mr. Babul replied to my father's words, "I will not eat now, uncle. Because a while ago I came full of dinner."

Dad stood up straight and looked at Mr. Babul and said again in a loud voice, "What's the matter! I'm telling you to come so don't talk too much! You have to eat with me again".

Mr. Babul replied with a smile, "Okay, I'm coming......Uncle"

At the same time, my father sat at the table with Babul's two children.

Asma Khatun and my mother will eat a little later, not now.

My father looked at Mr. Babul and saw that "Mr. Babul is feeling very hungry, he is not raising his head, he is not looking away from the plate of food".

A while ago Mr. Babul lied that he had come full of dinner, but did not come! The pressure of hunger has become clear in the eyes of Mr. Babul!

On the other hand, Asma Khatun is very upset with the arrival of Mr. Babul. Asma Khatun is waiting for the time when Babul Saheb will leave here! Asma Khatun is very upset about living with Mr. Babul! Asma Khatun was with Babul Saheb despite enduring so much torture day after day and night after night. But when torture violates the limits, they leave everything and come here to seek refuge. But there is no peace here! Mr. Babul also appeared here!

They are eating food. My mother is feeding Babul Saheb's 2 children and Babul Saheb with great care.

But I clearly noticed that Babul Saheb's two children did not ask Babul Saheb about anything then! Because Asma Khatun has told their child not to talk to Mr. Babul!

After finishing the meal, Mr. Babul's two children went to the bed room.

Mr. Babul addressed my father and said, "Uncle ........"

Dad said, "Will you say something?

Mr. Babul said, "I have come to take Asma Khatun."

The father replied, "Asma Khatun is your wife. You have enough rights over her. You must take her, if Asma Khatun wants to go."

My father said again, "But Mr. Babul, although your wife has enough rights, you do not have the right to torture her in any way. It's important that you have an idea of ​​how strong our law is. "

Mr. Babul was listening all with his head bowed.

My father said again, "Your wife (Asma Khatun), and your two children have been in my house for a long time. Have you talked to your wife? Asma Khatun wants to go with you again?"

Mr. Babul replied to my father's words, "No, I have not yet spoken to Asma Khatun."

The father replied, "Okay, go and talk to your wife, go."

Mr. Babul bowed his head and was silent for a while.

After a while he called his daughter and said, "Tell your mother I'm here, I want to talk with her."

Mr. Babul's daughter replied, "My mother does not want to talk to you and you have told me to leave. In any way, my mother forbade me to communicate with you."

Mr. Babul stared at his daughter, and listened to everything.

Mr. Babul said to his daughter, "Where is your mother now?"

Her daughter replied, "In the next room."

Mr. Babul entered the next room and noticed that his wife (Asma Khatun) was sitting on one side of the bed crying.

In a tearful voice, Asma Khatun said to Babul, "Why are you here? Get out of here now? What do you want?"

Babul Sahib said to Asma Khatun in an angry voice "Why are you shouting so much? I have come to pick up you. It is someone else's house.

Asma Khatun replied in a very sharp voice, "You have come to take me? Why have you come to take me? To torture and kill me!"

I can't take your torture anymore, I don't want to go anywhere with you. I'll be glad you left. "

_To be continued........

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Written by   235
11 months ago
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Sad story dear

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11 months ago