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Heartless husband-(i)

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11 months ago

November 03, 2020.

Part: 01

His name is Babul Saheb. He is my neighbor and my relationship with him is brother. He was married a long time ago. He has one son and one daughter.

The first child of his children is a boy then his daughter. 2 children are very beautiful. Especially his daughter is very beautiful.

Now I'm going back to the past,

Mr. Babul's wife's name is 'Asma Khatun.

When I was little,I saw that, Mr. Babul used to torture his wife and always had quarrels with his wife. Asma Khatun used to cry a lot as she could not bear the torture.

Since Mr. Babul is my neighbor's brother, my family and I have strictly forbidden him to quarrel with his wife and not to abuse her. But Mr. Babul did not listen to anyone.

Asma Khatun was coming to our house one day as she could not bear the severe torture and at the same time she promised that she would never marry Babul again and even she was ready to live alone.

My mother told to Asma Khatun, "Stay home as long as you want / as long as you like"

My father said to Asma Khatun, "I will ask Mr. Babul why he has tortured you so much! My father added, "We will not have any problem staying in our house until Mr. Babul realizes his own mistake."

Asma Khatun listened to everyone very attentively and looking at her face, it seemed that she got some inspiration and was happy to agree with my father and mother. Asma Khatun was accompanied by her eldest son and youngest daughter and her eldest son was my age and her daughter was a little younger than me so I found my playmate which is why I played so hard with them.

Mr. Babul found out that his wife was staying at our house. After knowing this, Babul Saheb did not come to our house and did not come to break his wife's pride, not even to talk / meet with Babul Saheb's son and daughter.

However, After 10 days Mr. Babul was coming to our house, then in the evening. He was bringing 1 packet of biscuits for me and nothing for him son and daughter. But I shared that 1 packet of biscuits with his son and daughter.

I was little then so I didn't understand much, I didn't know. But now I remember that day from time to time and realize that, "I did not see love for his wife and children in the heart of Mr. Babul that day".

Mr. Babul said to my mother, "How are you?"

- Well, you?

- I'm not good

- Why?

- I'll tell you everything later

- Do you have anything left to say later?

Mr. Babul became silent. Not talking.

I was sitting next to Asma Khatun listening to the story, telling me the story. Then suddenly Babul's son and daughter addressed 'Ammu' together and entered Asma Khatun's room and said, -"Daddy has come".

Asma Khatun replied in a sharp voice, "What can I do for him?"

Daughter said again, "Mommy, won't you go in front of my father?"

Asma Khatun replied in an angry voice and in a sharp voice, "No ...!" And she added, "I don't want to hear anything about this, I don't want to talk about Babul Saheb to Asma Khatun, I don't want to talk to Babul Saheb, I don't want to know anything."

Asma Khatun got up from the bed and sat up more motionless. Asma Khatun thinks, "Why talk to Babul Saheb again! Babul Saheb has been torturing her for a long time but Asma Khatun is just enduring and crying incessantly! But Babul Saheb's torture on Asma Khatun has not diminished. The scars of physical torture have not yet been removed from Asma Khatun's body! Mr. Babul has given a lot of trouble and insulted!

I never want to have a family with Mr. Babul again. People are changeable, but Mr. Babul will never change! As the days go by, the torture is increasing! Asma Khatun had a dream and hoped to spend her whole life with Mr. Babul where there will be only love. But Mr. Babul is the complete opposite."

_To be continued.....

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Written by   235
11 months ago
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Sad Story dear thanks for shareing

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11 months ago