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Duties and responsibilities of citizens in establishing good governance

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11 months ago

Every citizen has a responsibility and duty to establish good governance.

No matter what society we live in, we all expect to be good citizens - which is a moral discipline.And this morality is a social matter.There is a specific good governance for every society which plays a very important role for this society and for every person in the society.

A person who lives outside the governing system of society does not need any morality.

It is really necessary to live as a good person in order to live in the society and this education is acquired through the socially established moral discipline.

This discipline teaches a person very important lessons which are very necessary for that person.

Stealing is wrong, lying is not good, not harming others, not expecting anything bad for others, etc. are taught by moral discipline. Moral discipline is the motto of establishing a society.

According to the United Nations, the goal and purpose of good governance is - "development of fundamental freedoms".

In the 1980s, various economic organizations started operating in different developing countries. For which economic development as well as socio-economic problems arise in those countries. Although the policy of structural adjustment was followed to address the problems arising out of the advice of the donor agencies, it did not ensure the welfare of the people. In this context, the World Bank has included good governance in its agenda.

Citizens have many responsibilities and duties to establish good governance for any society, the main of which is to help run the government.

The government follows different political means to run the country and the government alone cannot solve that political structure. And for that we need to be ready at any time to be involved in various political activities of the government and it is the responsibility and duty of a good citizen to participate in political activities following the rules and regulations given by the government. Always remember that the country you or I am a citizen of is your own.

In order to establish good governance, a citizen should always be law abiding, elect truthful and competent leadership and abide by the various rules and regulations of the constitution and honestly protect various government functions and national property. A citizen helps in the management of the government by paying regular taxes.

Integrity as well as business management play a helpful role in establishing good governance in the economic field.

Because, economic importance is much more important to establish good governance.We know that when good governance is established in the economic field, investment increases so that the barriers to investment in the manufacturing sector are easily removed. It is then that new entrepreneurs are created, who have the opportunity to apply their valuable innovative energy which in turn increases the overall investment in different parts of any country.

So it can be said that any country needs a good social system i.e. good governance.And to establish this good governance, the government needs the help of the people to run the country.

Therefore, there are many responsibilities and duties as a good citizen for good governance of any country. We must always be ready to make the highest sacrifices for the country in which we are located.It is the duty of all to work for the unity of the country and to carry out various tasks honestly from being involved in any government activities.

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Written by   235
11 months ago
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