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Destination of love-III

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1 year ago

October 25,2020


-Shrabon was silent here and did not speak much. Because here is the first meeting with everyone except Athai today.

They are all Debolina's classmates. H.S.C.(Higer Secondary Certificate) examination was given by studying in the same college.

And yes, the half-aged man, the grandfather of Swaib came for a job.

He is a very funny man! Laughing and joking with everyone is giving a lot of joy to everyone!

"Actually, I have brought you to introduce everyone, they are very close to me" - Debolina told to Shrabon.

If not, Shranon thought so as soon as he saw them. Anyway, it feels good.

After the introductory part, everyone decided to go somewhere and eat. A restaurant next door. A very big, very good restaurant. Adequate space. Any big party can be done here, people come here from far and wide.

Anyway, everyone went.

Debolina is next door. Some of them are taking pictures. Debolina said to Shrabon, "Talk to Onti. I, Athai, Shrabon is coming a little - I will leave in about 15 minutes."


Shranon is sitting quietly. Onti is not talking. It looks rude not to talk like this!

Couldn't find what to start with.

In the meantime, Onti said, "Brother, you give me a picture, I will upload it on Facebook tonight".

Shrabon took the picture.

Laughing again, Onti said, "You click a lot. Well, well, don't worry, I'll give you a picture credit because I'm grateful. Ha.ha..ha...Tonight I'll make a request from Debolina with your account."

- Shrabon replied with a smile...Well.

- I'm younger than you. You tell me "you" okey?

-Okay. Your name is very nice.- Shrabon told to Onti- "Is the name just nice?

- No. Your words are also excellent.

- I talk a lot

- You smile a lot also

At this moment, he laughed again and immediately said, "Yes, I smile a lot."

It feels good to laugh.

- I like people who talk a lot - Shrabon said to Onti.

-Oh really? Debolina talks a lot, that's why you fell in love with my girlfriend? - Onti laughed again after saying this.

-Don't lie, this reason for falling in love also occupies a huge place-Shrabon said to Onti.

Anti smiled again. Lots of sweet smiles.

- Who is in your family? - Shrabon asked to Onti

-My father, Mather, I and my little sister.

- I know who is in your family


- This is one of the things Debolina says.

-Oh well. I understand.

The girl is actually very good, as beautiful as she looks, she knows how to speak beautifully. Advance. Laughs and talks.

Knows how to mix very easily. After coming here, Shrabon talked the most with Onti.

That's all they're leaving -Onti turned her face and said to Shrabon.

- "Debolina is feeling very happy, she is talking a little less. She has a smile on her face. She keeps on smiling all the time. When she sees this girl's smile, Shrabon's mind laughs.

In fact, self-satisfaction is not eye-satisfaction, it is great satisfaction.As soon as he saw Debolina, his soul was filled with love and self satisfaction.

Shrabon's heart says a thousand times,,,,I love you very much.

Without you I would not be an incomplete goddess.

- Where did everyone go?

- Do you need to know so much? - Athai replied.

Debolina smiled as she listened.

Shrabon said, well, who needs to find out a little Shwaib, why not come yet? We all need to stay here and stay here.

Debolina said, "Don't worry, Shwaib will come out a little later to work with his grandfather."

Well, you two tell the story - I and Onti walk a little from the side - Athai said.

Saying this, the two of them got out of here. Only Shrabon and Debolina are here.

- I haven't eaten anything since that morning! When to eat? - Shrabon said

- There is no problem, you are thinking unnecessarily. I have no desire to eat.

- Thinking unnecessarily?

- I didn't say that. Well, I will eat after a while. There are 2 people sitting. Silent. No one is talking. Debolina is staring.

Shrabon can read a lot by looking into his eyes! For some reason it seems that Debbie's eyes are pointing to something today! An excited feeling!

Debolina said,

- Well listen!

- Tell me ...

- No, nothing

- Of course, say something

- Tell me?

- Tell me why you are taking permission

- Shame on you, I want to hug you a little now!

- Here? What will people think?

- Keep thinking, I want to!

- All right

The two(Debolina & Shrabon) hugged very tightly.

With a deep sigh, Debolina said,"I will make you very close soon, Shrabon."

I will keep you silent like this for the rest of my life!

Shrabon is not saying anything at the moment, just hugging very affectionately. Listening attentively to all that his beloved is saying!

In fact, another self-satisfaction of love is to embrace one's beloved. All self-satisfaction, contentment only surrounds Debolina.

-To be continued......

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Written by   235
1 year ago
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