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Destination of love-II

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11 months ago

October 24,2020


She has been dressed many times but not like today. Looks like wife. Shrabon smiled at the thought of my red widow.

Henna in one hand, red glass bangles in the other hand, the hair is braided - a few hairs of the forehead are down to the ears - sometimes again flying in the gentle breeze. Long earrings.

The magical look of Kajal's drawing. The sound of jhunur-jhunur is coming from the feet as soon as you walk.

"Why are you silent? What are you thinking?"

- Nowhere!

Well, don't tell me where we are going.

- I won't say no. After a while you will see with your own eyes. Saying this, She pressed Shravan's hand more tightly - Debolina.

Shrabon did not understand that the madman had left the house for the purpose and would not tell him anything until he reached his destination.

In the meantime, a call came. His best girlfriend is Athai.

"Oh, are you leaving? Well, you guys

Wait, we'll be back in a minute. "- I just heard that From Debolina's mouth. The rickshaw is running. It's about two people.

"The two of you are very accommodating" - came out of the uncle's mouth with a rickshaw, turned his head

He said again with a sweet smile, "More people go in my rickshaw, no matter what, but I like the two of you better."

Debolina and Shrabon looked at each other & 2 people smiled.

Debolina immediately asked in a haughty manner, "Why? Why? Why would two people look more beautiful? I don't feel better?"

Hearing this, Mama with the rickshaw smiled again. He said, "You are a very funny person, your words are more beautiful - a lot of fun."

The sky became quite black. It is Shrabon month. There may be plenty of rain. The rickshaw is moving.

A little further on, it was pouring rain.

He stopped the rickshaw and lifted the hut. Shrabon's goal is the same, he should not be allowed to get wet in anything - as if the water does not touch the palm of his head in any way. There are also migraine problems, which is why I sometimes get headaches and cry. His pain hurt Shrabon more then.

The rain increased even more. Shrabon said, "This is the rickshaw that Mama puts aside. You don't need a visa, you can get a fever."

He smiled happily again and said, "You are really a very good man - may God bless you." There is a shop on that side.

- Debolina, you wait a minute, I'll come

-Why? Where are you going? I will go too.

- Come in 2 minutes. You sit down for a while.

- Well, but soon.

"I saw a tea shop, two grocery stores, a cement shop and another flower shop. There are several flowers.

There is also a garland of belly flowers. Belly is Debolina's favorite flower. The aroma of belly flower is really sweet. Shrabon took a garland of belly flowers.

Debolina quietly went behind and said,

- Close your eyes!

- He laughed and said, why?

- Don't look!

- Ha ha ha I did well.

- Now open your eyes.

-"I put the garland on my head. she can't believe it's really a belly flower garland! But I knew there was a flower shop here, there were always some flowers.

She is very happy. I never thought she would be so happy with my little surprise! My Debolina looks pretty.

You have to! For which I have arranged my love in such a beautiful way in the secret of my mind! For which the mind at the touch of Ranguli Thousands of pale Oli alley becomes colorful!

I love, I love my Debolina more than Budd. - In this way Shrabon expressed his love with his mind again.

The rain stopped. They are moving forward. There are 2 people holding hands.

None of them will fall from the rickshaw even though they are holding the two of them tightly. - It is a feeling of love.

2 people reached the destination. Athai came and said, then you understand the real ??

- I got stuck in the rain - Debolina said! There are 4 people here. Athai, Onti, Swaib, a half-aged man. 6 with Debolina and Shrabon.

"Brother Shrabon, you look very beautiful. My girlfriend is not less beautiful, you have to agree with her, don't you?" Athai said with a smile.

Before Shrabon could answer, Onti came and said, "Are you ashamed?

I was not really ashamed for so long, but I am really ashamed to hear this in the end!

In defense of the formality, Shrabon smiled and said, "No, not at all."

_To be continued.........

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Written by   235
11 months ago
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Wow! That's a great story! I didn’t feel bore to read your story. Is that real story? Or just imagine story? Just awesome. I like the way you wrote this story. You have great skills in english writing. Keep share more story like this. Waiting for next part

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11 months ago

This is imaginary story dear. I am very happy for like you. Thank you so much for providing me your valuable feedback.

Yes....I will publish next part as soon as.😊😊

$ 0.00
11 months ago

You are welcome

$ 0.00
11 months ago