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"A Rickshaw puller"

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4 months ago

A variety of vehicles have been created using scientific technology to facilitate our travel. That is why we can now reach our destination in a very short time.

We are getting these various benefits of technology. But can we use high-powered motor vehicles for work or travel everywhere? The answer would be - impossible.

I have seen from a young age the demand for rickshaws is very high. No large vehicles can pass through the small village roads or alleys of the city and rickshaws are required to facilitate the movement.

Rickshaws are available everywhere at any time and in any need.Suddenly a rickshaw is needed to take a sick patient to the hospital. Because at that time advanced vehicles were not available.

A small business needs a rickshaw to move goods from one place to another.

There are many more where the contribution of just one rickshaw puller is required.

The status of a rickshaw puller in this society is immense because the sun keeps their work wet in the rain and benefits the people with a little money.

They are ready at any time to respond to the call of the people.

A rickshaw puller buys food with the money he earns all day and ends the day, that is, he brings the day, eats the day.

What poverty! What a reality! How hard it is to earn! How hard the world is! The definition of these can be very well understood by a rickshaw puller. Yet they do not break down.

Earning money with their ability and strength to meet the needs of their families,

Even dreaming of getting their child educated in a very good institution. At the end of the day their dreams are fulfilled.

Here we are, the people who have achieved success in life, I have calculated that they are the people from the poorest households, they are the son / daughter of the rickshaw puller.

A rickshaw puller struggles a lot and survives in this society. Despite having a lot of needs, they can't meet their needs due to lack of money, but the family tries very hard to meet the needs of every human being.

A rickshaw puller is the pride of a society.

Because they are ready at any time to serve through their rickshaws in any situation. But there are many people in this society who hate, envy, look down on and treat rickshaw pullers very badly.

Sometimes it is seen that rickshaw pullers have to face many problems for even 5 rupees more than the correct load, even beating the rickshaw pullers.

Is it right to behave like that?

Rickshaw pullers are friends of the poor, friends of danger, they are always by the side of the people.

But they are not given proper status in this society.

We should give proper status and respect to the protectors. Seeing them with love without looking at them with neglected eyes.

Because a rickshaw puller is the real hero of this well-known society.

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Thanks everyone.

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Written by   232
4 months ago
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