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Two Ways of Peregrination

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4 months ago

Two Ways of Peregrination


There's that moment Ill ch0ose one day,

Among twO roads that shows two ways,

What shall I do? What shall I make?

What shall I pick? What shallI take?

And I decided to go ahead,

Whereas fears lurking inside my head.

This place that's undiscovered

New lessons to knoW and to be heard!

New things, new faces,

New friends, new places!

This route of surprise and wonder

More things to know through yonder.

And I decided just to go back,

Patience in mind, what a life hack!

This placel really knew before,

Former lore. no other more.

Old things, old faces,

Old friends, old places.

This route of peace and less ponder,

More things to go back yonder.

As I reached the end of journey,

I have thought of more things deeply.

There's one thing to ask, there's one thing to say

"What if I decided to go that way?

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Hope you enjoy this

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4 months ago