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Every Moment of You

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4 months ago

Every Moment of You


300 days of happy memories we've shared

Fade away in just one mistake.

Moments of contentment and love,

With those 300 days that we have.


40 weeks of enjoyment and care,

Disappeared with the coldness of air.

Should I just stare until forever,

With that 40 weeks we've shared together?


10 months that we spent,

In my heart forever will stay.

This poem, I wrote, is for you,

For everything we've been through.


Everytime I think about us,

My heart beats fast.

The heartache you've left in my chest,

Had made my entire life a mess.


The pain you gave me 4 months ago

Is telling me how much you want me to go

This is the last quote that I'll tell you

Thank you and goodbye to every moment with you

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4 months ago