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Rulings of Prophet Muhammad SAW on the Importance of MOTHERS

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10 months ago

From Sahabah Muawiyya (RDA). He actually asked The Prophet SAW, who is befitting our good and deserves our goodness the most , then the Prophet answered him by mentioning the mothers, he asked again out of our mother and father, who deserves my goodness the most, the Prophet Muhammad SAW answered again; The mother. At this stage, the sahabah was more confused, but he never ceased to ask further, the he asked again, Oh Prophet of God, who is more deserving my goodness, The Prophet of God answered again, The Mother.

Sahabah Muhawiyya, was even more confused, saying to himself, why would the prophet answer by saying only the mothers are deserving our goodness, not just once but thrice. So he asked further, oh Prophet of The Almighty, please i ask again, who is more deserving my goodness, with a sigh relief, the Prophet then answered him, then your father, my father? Asked the sahabah, the prophet said yes your father, and then comes your family, neighbors and those who are closer to you.

Note; Sahabah muhawiyya was one of Prophet Muhammad disciple, and at the same time and hadith collector and narrator.


The reason for this hadith is to teach us and open our mind to the importance of mothers in our lives, mothers are our god on earth and therefore should be treasured and respected. Even the Almighty put it to us and confirming to us that, if only just that He doesn't want a rival or human worshipping other الا gods, He would've said and instruct us to worship out mother.

Therefore, let's love, treasure and respect our mothers, they begot us and they are our vessel to this world, even at that they are our channel to the اخرة the hereafter.

Salaam Alaykum Warahmotullah Wa Barakaatu

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The power and importance of mothers can never be over emphasize, such a powerful reminder. Thank you

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10 months ago