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10 months ago

انماالاعمال باالنيات وانمالكل الامرء مانوىinomol ahmoolu biniyaati wa inomo likuli imrihin moo nowaa

"Verily,every work and doings in whatever you want to do is with Intentions, and its there for all mankind all that is in his mind to do."

Intentions are inner or innate desires or wishes that we would like to carry out. Humans have bad and good intentions.

If the thiefs are planning to carry out their devilish plans, there's an intention that comes before it. If someone wants to do good, there's an intention that comes before it. Everything that revolves around our lives, intention is what comes before it before the action.

Sometimes, the Almighty does not look at what we look at which is the outer look, what The Almighty look out for is the mind and heart which entails and carries the intentions.

Lets look out for the intention we carry, the intention before we do things, the intentions after out actions. These have an impact on our daily life, in our destiny, in our actions and helps or against us in the hereafter.


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