What the future of Artificial Intelligence is according to Chat GPT

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What the future of Artificial Intelligence is according to Chat GPT

In todays interesting article I'm having Chat GPT write about it's own kind. That is Chat GPT will be writing about what the future of artificial intelligence is and what are its benefits and risks that will come with the technology. I was extremely curious as to what Chat GPT had to say about the future of it's own kind so that's why I had it write this article. With that being said I'm sure it can be implied that I wrote none of this article expect this intro and my final words. With everything needing to be said stated lets get into todays special article.                        

What Chat GPT wrote

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) is a topic of interest and debate across various industries and domains. AI is a revolutionary field of computer science that is the main driver of emerging technologies like big data, robotics, and IoT. AI-powered automation has the potential to boost efficiency and productivity, but also poses a risk of job losses and ethical challenges. AI’s impact on the world has already been felt in many ways, from chess computers to chatbots, and it is expected to play a deeply significant role in consumer and business markets in the coming years. AI systems so far relied on these for improvement: increased computing power, availability of more data, better algorithms and better tools. In all  areas, there is potential for dramatic improvements though it is hard to put these against a timeline.   

There are many benefits of AI. Some of them include reduction in human error, work with high accuracy, availability 24/7, training and operation cost reduction, improvement in processes, helping in repetitive jobs, digital assistance and speeding up decision-making. AI is also quickly becoming an essential part of everyday life. Businesses are finding ways to optimize daily operations, stay connected with customers, and gain a competitive edge to accelerate growth through AI. AI is also impacting and improving our lives by enabling smart decision-making, automation and medical progression.  

There are several risks associated with AI. Some of them include automation-spurred job loss, privacy violations, deepfakes, algorithmic bias caused by bad data, socioeconomic inequality, market volatility and weapons automatization. AI-powered job automation is a pressing concern as the technology is adopted in industries like marketing, manufacturing and healthcare. Eighty-five million jobs are expected to be lost to automation between 2020 and 2025. There are several ways to mitigate the risks of AI. Some of them include developing national and international regulations, creating organizational standards for applying AI, making AI a part of company culture and discussions and informing tech with humanities perspectives. Organizations are pursuing strategies to mitigate risks of individual applications as well as broader risks posed to the business or to society. It is increasingly critical for companies to incorporate automation-specific considerations into their broader AI- and digital-risk-management programs.    

There are several examples of AI regulations. For example, New York joined a number of states, including Illinois and Maryland, in regulating automated employment decision tools (AEDTs) that leverage AI to make, or substantially assist, candidate screening or employment decisions. The European Union has proposed a legal framework for AI that groups AI applications into three risk categories: unacceptable risk, high-risk and low-risk. Applications and systems that pose an unacceptable risk are banned while high-risk applications must follow strict regulatory guidelines.



My Final Words

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