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 What My Blog Is about

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5 months ago

In my blogs I will be talking about passive income what it is how to make it and easy ways to simply get into it. I will discuss things from Apps, surveys, Crypto, and all around investing. I will try and explain things as simple as possible as that's how I learn best and plus that the easiest way and that's what we try to do here is find the easiest ways to make passive income all you have to do is have the attention span and the willingness to tap on your phone and click your mouse a couple of times it's really as simple as that to make easy passive income. Everything I discuss I personally try and test for the best results and to provide you with the best information possible. The grind is slow at first but if you put the effort in all this can be done for free no money needed all that is needed is your attention and willingness to learn. I'm new to crypto/investing and passive income so don't take this as financial advice but I have researched hours and days into crypto and investing and have taken a business class in high school passing with an A  so I clearly have a interest in making easy money. So follow along with me to gets tips and advice in the easiest way to make money. 

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