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Websites to start making money from

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11 months ago

Websites to start making money from

In todays blog post I wanted to cover a topic I'm sure may of my readers and followers want to hear about and that's using and working websites that can make you money. All of these sites allow you to cash out in PayPal or direct deposit to your bank account so that's how you will be getting paid. Some of these sites that I list also payout in gift cards If you was looking for another payment method or if you can't use PayPal. You can also use these sites in the majority of the world so it's most likely that most if not all sites will work where ever it is you live at. Make sure that you read the whole list to make the most potential money you can from these sites. As using a mix of all these sites is a good way to just relay on one sites for money but to also earn on oppurtinties you wouldn't be able to get on another site. Now that we've got that out the way lets now get into todays money making blog post.      


Amazon Turk

This site is probably the best consistent site to get work and to get paid on. All you have to do is sign up for amazon and connect your account to the site. Once you do that you have to wait for them to verify you account. When that does happen though you can begin to start earing and doing work to get paid. The work on this site varies so it's not all the same exact job when you do get work. It can vary from simple surveys or scouting websites out or doing other miscellaneous online work. The website is usually full of work so you won't have any hard time getting work. The only catch is when you first start off you won't be earning much or getting high paid jobs. This is because you have to build up your reputation with the algorithm once it sees you are consistent on doing work you'll start to earn more and get better paying jobs. I would defiantly recommend you go and check it out and give it a try.      

Prize rebel

Now this site isn't like amazon Turk because this site only offers surveys and nothing else. Nonetheless it still pays well especially if you grind out the site and do all the paying surveys. Now this site doesn't payout in cash directly what you get are points when you complete surveys. 100 points essentially equals to one us dollar to get paid out in PayPal you need a minimum of 500 points. You can get paid out in other gift cards if you wish on this site they have cards for stores like burger king and Starbucks. Overall it's a decent site and I would recommend you check it out and see if you like the surveys they offer on the site.  

Swag bucks

This site is also very similar to the prize rebel website we just went over. All you do on this site is take survey and get paid for it. Now this site has many more surveys but depending on the person the amount of surveys you qualify for varies. This websites surveys are also more geared towards consumer culture and less about testing your knowledge or opinions. I have a hard time earning on this site but others don't so I personally don't use it, but I recommend you try it out as you can have a different and better experience then me. Overall if you big in consumer culture and don't mind some repetition then this site is a great way to earn.    


Usercrowd is a website that isn't like the others on this list expect amazon turk and even then that's only because of one fact. That fact is that this website offers jobs that need you to help review websites and apps. You'll go over things such as improvements and fixes that need to be made to the app. You'll also be reviewing things such as overlay and features on the sites and apps. You could also be used to help find bugs and glitches inside of these websites and apps also. Some might find this right up their alley while for others this might not be the website they were looking for. Either way it's a good and steady way to get paid well online from home some I would definitely recommend it. Overall if your looking to do some online work that requires a little more effort and pays well and is mostly consistent then this is the perfect site to start using.        

My Final Words  

If you enjoyed the blog leave a like and share it with somebody. Leave me some feedback with your comments to let me know how I did. Let me know what you liked and what you didn't so I can improve the blog. All your likes and comments are deeply appreciated. They motivate me to write more and better blogs and help me expand and help spread the word. Make sure to follow the blog to stay up to date along with my socials where I post daily content as well. Then there's also my website where you can put in a submission form to let me know what topics you want me to cover along with other things such as referral codes and affiliate links. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed.  

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