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Types of Passive Income

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7 months ago

The Different types of passive income

To being we need to understand that their are different types of passive income we can make.

They differ from Investments, Online business, True passive income, surveys, and freelancing. 

True passive income 

So lets start with the one everyone can do and that's true passive income. With true passive income anyone can do it only requiring a smart phone(sometimes apple users can be left out of some apps that are used) and a data connection and your good to go that's all it requires little to no clicking that simple. 


Then theirs surveys you can take some can be short while others can be longer the ones I will be recommend though will be very short and will take at most 5 minutes of your time at the very most we are all about speed here so nothing time consuming will be recommended. 


Now lets move on to something everyone can still do but is more time consuming on what you do but that's free lancing you can do any sort of freelancing from doing peoples school work, offering pre made presentations, and tutoring. Or you can do more advanced freelancing involving you doing things related to software, video editing, Or just do something that takes more time like making art for somebody on any platform.


Now let me start by saying I am not a financial advisor so take responsibility for your own actions if you invest I am here to offer you advice and help you move towards the right direction you should always do your own research before investing so let begin. First off you should know what you want to invest into right now as there are 2 markets to get into at the moment and that's crypto and ordinary stock trading on the stock market. The most volatile right now is crypto but its the easiest one to get short term profits and its a great investment for the future as well crypto is moving towards expanding and becoming a dominant financial market and this is the best time to get in with the recent dip as of 5/24/2021 is the best time to buy up crypto and get ready for the market to go back up to make profits. Crypto is simply one of the fastest passive incomes to generate if you buy the right coins and tokens. Now lets go onto the stock market everyone is more familiar with now the stock market can still be volatile but it is more stable then crypto at the moment allowing for more finances to go into it but where the stock market fails is stocks are more of a long term hold then short term and trading isn't allowed at night as well as the learning process is a lot more complicated then crypto. But nevertheless its more of a guaranteed investment if you pick the right companies and some might even make you huge profit gains in a short term.


Online businesses

Now starting a online business isn't for everyone and some you have to have money to start up but you can also start up a simple one for free to like I did just through blogging you are making a online business it's really not that hard but you can also start one up using money very simply and make a free website on many free website makers or you can buy a domain through them or buy a premade website there are so many things you can do to build a platform it's really not that hard to start if your passionate about something you can sell it and make a profit it from it. 

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Written by   34
7 months ago
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