The current state of the Russian-Ukraine war

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The current state of the Russian-Ukraine war

In today's special article we are going to cover a topic I haven't discussed in months. Since there's so much that has happened throughout that time I thought this would be the time to cover the topic again. There have also been major escalations in the war recently which has also motivated me to again write about this topic. I know this isn't a topic we usually cover here on this blog page but I think it's important to cover for multiple reasons the main being to inform people on what's going on because this war has affected everyone on this planet whether they know it or not and a lot of those effects are related to finance. So with that being said let's dive into this article.    

The current state of the Russians

Russian tactics have completely switched up in recent months in light of Ukraine's counter-offensive. Instead of taking on the offensive the Russians now seem to be on the defense. With it looking like Russia might be pushed back to the separatist territory. The Russians however have ignored this and in recent weeks held sham referendums in an attempt to bring Ukraine territories under the occupation of the Russian government. Despite this, the Russians have seemed to lose control of the frontlines in eastern Ukraine. In light of this Russia has called upon its reservist to deploy to Ukraine. It also seems that Putin might call upon Belarus to join the war as this news came to light just in recent hours before I wrote this article (10/13/22). The reports say that Belarus leader Aleksandr Lukashenko has declared a “counter-terrorist operation regime” in the country and that the country's military and special services are "ready to respond to any provocations from neighboring countries”. Signaling that Belarus could possibly join the war soon. 


The current state of the Ukrainians

As I stated in the previous paragraph Ukraine is now on the offensive while Russia is on defense. This has been possible recently due to western equipment, training, and money being poured into Ukraine in recent months in preparation for the counter-offensive. During this offensive, Russia bombarded Ukraine's capital Kyiv with rocket artillery and cruise missiles. This is the Russian attempt to de-moralize the Ukraine population which so far hasn't worked and has done the opposite and has even fired up the Ukraine military and population more.  However, the Ukrainians still have more territory to take back before they are in the position they were in before the start of the war.  




How does this war affect you?

Now while I can't speak for every person in every country I can certainly tell you how this war will affect everyone in general. Let's first start with food prices the price of food is expected to go up in the coming months as the war escalates and as winter settles in. Energy prices are expected to rise as well, especially for those in Europe as Russian sanctions have driven up energy prices. With winter coming it's expected energy usage will increase therefore increasing energy prices. If the war escalates anymore we can expect more sanctions which will further increase prices. If you live in the U.S energy prices are on track to stay the same for now. If you also again live in the U.S we can expect more spending by the federal government on Ukraine which could lead to more inflation, higher taxes, or more tariffs on trade however this isn't fully confirmed yet just speculation. 


My Final Words

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