Apps that make passive income 2.0

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Apps that make passive income 2.0

Today's article is a little special. That's because in today's article I'm having a piece of article rewriter software rewrite a previous article of mine. This is one of the most popular articles I have ever written. So I certainly hope this rewriter does the article justice. So without any more needing to be said let's get into the article.    

Article rewrite

In today's blog, I'll be talking about one of everyone's favorite topics: ways to make money for free. I enjoy testing out these apps, and as long as people keep reading these types of posts, I'll keep finding and testing new apps. So stay with me on this journey to find the best apps to make passive income. In today's blog, I have 5 free apps that you can download right now to start making money. ensure you read the entire blog to learn every little thing about them. Allows now to get into the blog entry now.      

Pinecone research mobile app

This might be my favorite survey app on the list. If you know about Pinecone Research then you already know what the site and app do. However, if you don’t let me explain. What this app does is send you surveys that you already qualify for. Unlike some other survey apps, you might get denied at some point before even starting or in the middle of the survey. This app doesn't do that. On rare occasions, you might be denied based on gender or a time limit on the survey. You get compensated three bucks for each overview you take. Anyway, you truly do get compensated in focus and not cash. You can reclaim your focus on the site for a wide range of remunerations from gift vouchers to an immediate store to your ledger. In general a decent application to begin bringing in cash.



This is a pretty straightforward app--you just need to link your phone number to start earning passive income from texts and calls. You make money from both outgoing and incoming messages, and the cash is paid out to your PayPal account. So, just make sure you have a PayPal account set up before you get started. Overall, I think this is a good app for how easy it is to make money passively. Let's move on to our next app.


Nielsen mobile app

This app may collect data about your online activity, so be aware if you are concerned about privacy. Besides that, this app is an easy way to start earning passive income. All you have to do is download the app and it will start collecting statistics about what you search and look up online. You are then compensated for providing that information to the company. It runs in the background, so there is no need to ever interact with the app. Generally speaking, it's a respectable application I simply just don't like the privacy intrusion.



This app is similar to the Nielsen mobile app but does not invade your privacy. This makes it a good alternative to the Nielsen mobile app for people who have opted out of that app. However, unlike the Nielsen mobile app, this app will consume your battery because it is monitoring and tracking how well your phone is performing, on top of other things. Overall, I think it is a good app to use.



Although this app is free to download, you will need to invest money to make money from it. The app is a stock broker that allows you to invest in the stock market directly, without having to go through other methods. This makes it easier to invest in stocks, but beware that the app has been controversial in the past for some actions it has committed. You can begin investing with just an ID and some money. Do your research to avoid losses and find the right stocks. Although this app is decent, the controversy surrounding it is a turn-off.

My Final Words

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