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5 Altcoins going to the moon

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1 month ago
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5 Altcoins going to the moon

In todays blog I'm going to cover five great crypto altcoins I believe are going to the moon and will make you tons of profit as they have already for me. I want to spread the good fortune onto you my readers so that's the main reason I felt needed to write this blog. As these cryptos have recently been pumping besides for this recent weekend sell cycle. Which happens typically every weekend almost and is not something to be concern about or to be doubting a bull run. Before we get into the blog I just want to say this isn't financial advise so please don't take it as such I'm just providing you my own research and outcomes. You should always do your own research and conclude your own actions you have been warned. Besides for that lets now get into the rest of the blog post.   


Now let me warn you that the market cap on this coin is relatively low and still isn't to much. Which can still lead it opened to being pumped and dumped so take this crypto with a grain of salt. However besides that it has been doing pretty good recently with it directly pumping right after I acquired some of this cryptocurrency already having me up 10% now as of writing this blog (10/11/21). Now getting into the technicals of this crypto is a easy concept to understand. Simply put this crypto is used to provide liquidly to the polkamarket DeFi platform in the form of cryptocurrency. You can then use these coins on the platforms to earn more by 3 ways. One is through betting on outcomes of events being predicted in real time such as things like the amount of transaction fees collected on a certain exchange on a certain date or the price of bitcoin by a certain date.   

Then you can provide forecast and predictions to get rewards and help provide liquidity to the platform. The the last choice you have to earn more rewards it if you have a high enough level on the platform you can start yield farming with the crypto. With a high enough level as well you also unlock things such as NFTS and access to more markets. I think what this platform does more and better then other platforms of these types is the fact that this crypto is more community driven and has more rewards to offer then others. I believe this is a hidden gem being slept on right now and you should get in before it's to late. It has a current price of $0.475 with a 2.74% 24 hour loss.      


Now recently in my underdog cryptos blog post I covered Polkadot. I wanna cover it again because it has been doing nothing but continually pumping recently. Even through the usual weekend bear cycle we encounter. Which just goes on to prove my previous post covering polkadot. Not to also mention that new parachain slot auctions haven't even started yet since the kusama auction. A quick re cap on polkadot in case you don't know or forgotten a little about this cryptocurrency. 

What polkadot does is it facilitates the cross chain transfer of any data or asset types. Not just cryptocurrency or it's tokens there for making a wide range of blockchains interoperable with each other. This is great for the internet of things which will be a big part of our everyday lives sometime in the near future. Not just that but also polkadot will be a great assets to own because it will also connect all these cryptocurrencies blockchains together making it easy to wrap tokens and cryptos through any blockchain you want. That's just the early stage of polkadots developments once this blockchain get developed and real world assets and NFTS get brought onto the blockchain then the value of polkadot will go through the roof and to the moon. Polkadot has recently started it's parachain slot auctions with the first one going to kusama and the second auction coming very soon. How these auctions work is basically the one who buys the most polkadot for the auction is then rewarded the slot. It now has a current price of $35.71 with it having a 24 hour lost of 0.90%. As more parachain auctions happen the price and value of polkadot will go up.  


Another great cryptocurrency to get into that has already been pumping pretty crazy recently as well. I'm sure many of my blogs readers know of this crypto because of the loopr and loop finance and my loop blog. Terra has a great community that are super close and are very supportive and very outspoken of their cryptocurrency. But besides that the techincals and projects being launched on the platform are great as well. Let's go ahead and take a good look at them real quick.   

Terra is a blockchain protocol that uses fiat-pegged stablecoins to power price-stable global payments systems. According to the cryptos white paper, Terra combines the price stability and wide adoption of fiat currencies with the censorship resistance of Bitcoin and offers fast and affordable financial settlements. It offers stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar, South Korean won, and many more. Terra's native token which is called LUNA, is used to stabilize the price of the protocol's stablecoins. LUNA holders are also able to submit and vote on governance proposals which gives it the functionality of a governance token.

Terra seeks to set itself apart through its use of fiat-pegged stablecoins, stating that it combines the borderless benefits of cryptocurrencies with the day-to-day price stability of fiat currencies. It keeps its one-to-one peg through an algorithm that automatically adjusts stablecoin supply based on its demand. It does so by incentivizing LUNA holders to swap LUNA and stablecoins at profitable exchange rates, as needed. Terra is also supported by the Terra Alliance which is  a group of businesses and platforms advocating for the adoption of Terra. In February 2019, the company announced that e-commerce platforms from 10 different countries, representing a user base of 45 million and a gross merchandise value of $25 billion, were members of the alliance. Besides all that though the price of this crypto is currently at $39.70 with a 24 hour loss of 6.28%. 


Kusama recently experienced a short selling over the weekend which led to the price going down a little with it experiencing a loss of 4.88% over the last 24 hours. However kusama is starting to recover and is already starting to go up as of writing this blog. Which still gives me faith that this crypto is still going to the moon. We will just have to wait as only time will tell. If your however forgetting of what this crypto is or just have no ideal then let me help you out with a quick re cap of this crypto.       

Kusama benefits from a low barrier entry for deploying parachains, low entry requirements for validators, and is most commonly used by early startups for experimentation before going public. Kusama was built by the same team that created the Polkadot cryptocurrency. Its founder is Dr. Gavin Wood a co-founder of Ethereum so the project is legit and safe. Kusima has a market cap of 2 billion dollars so it is a serious investment and project. This project usually offers features not available on the polkadot blockchain yet. Making it a great alternative to the polkadot blockchain. It has a current price of $339.32 Which means it's been going up since the last time I wrote about it in my latest underdog cryptos blog post. We can expect the price of this cryptocurrency to go up as more blockchains get onto the Kusama network and the polkadot community grows.  


Now this is a good coin to get in on that's part of the cardano blockchain and ecosystem. With a still relatively small to medium market cap this is the perfect crypto to get in on for a amazing return of up to 5 to 10 times profit. For those who keep up with my post know I love to preach this crypto. There's a simple reason for that and it's because the returns and profits on this crypto will be crazy. I don't want my fans or readers to miss out on a great oppurtinties and probably one of the best DeFI exchanges and product on the cardano blockchain. Besides that though lets get a little more into the technical side of this cryptocurrency with a quick recap. 

This cryptocurrency is a coin tied to a DeFi exchange called Adax as well. So this crypto is a way to invest and provide liquidly into this cardano Dex. Out of all the DeFi exchanges its the best looking project in my personal opinion on the cardano blockchain. Plus with the launch of smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain happening and being successful I believe once this DeFi exchange drops that its going to go to the moon. Especially once liquidity starts to pouring into the cardano blockchain too. You can also stake this crypto while you wait for the news of the exchange launch date or the launch of the exchange. You can stake and remove your coins any day time you want with payouts being different between the two different staking pools. You do get paid in cardano and not adax though so do be aware of that.  It now has a current price of $1 with it loosing 11.26% of it's value over the last 24 hours. You might want to buy this recent dip before it explodes back in price as it usually goes down to this range for a little and usually bounce back up to the dollar 1.25 to 1.50 range after a while. It also has just been effected by the recent weekend cycle so that's what's also bring the price down. It is however up since the last time I've discussed the crypto. So this is why I want to shine more light on this crypto.      



My Final Words

If you enjoyed the blog leave a like and share it with somebody. Leave me some feedback with your comments to let me know how I did. Let me know what you liked and what you didn't so I can improve the blog. All your likes and comments are deeply appreciated. They motivate me to write more and better blogs and help me expand and help spread the word. Make sure to follow the blog to stay up to date along with my socials where I post daily content as well. Then there's also my website where you can put in a submission form to let me know what topics you want me to cover along with other things such as referral codes and affiliate links. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed.  

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Written by   28
1 month ago
Topics: Crypto news, Tech, Business, Defi, Earning, ...
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