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RZA vs Preemo battle of the DJ

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8 months ago

I have meant to write this for a while, so now I am finally posting it. The epic producer RZA has appear against another legend DJ Premier. The Preemo epic repertour flipping tracks after track against the counterpart. The battle was done by Verzus which used Instagram to made the event open for everyone with an IG account and even rebroadcast on Youtube.

Have to say the idea was phenomenal and some rappers called it the event of the decade. So few times you see such huge legends actually face each other. Although the mood was never that competitive, it still display one of the greatest moments of both greats measuring against each other on a live cast.

The event like mentioned before, was put on IG on DJ Premier account. It was also recorded and rebroadcast on Youtube

Eventually many outlets gave their respective scores. Some youtubers reacted with their score themselves. Personally I think RZA won by a large margin. Out of the 20 rounds, I think RZA got 12 and Preem got only 8. The extra round also RZA got it by a large margin and I think that was the where he really pulled out over Preem.

Different places reacted and here is a collection of some of these reactions including Hot97:

Fat Joe and Jadakiss:

Wu Tang Djs-Producers 4th Disciple and TrueMaster:

Some less famous non artists but youtubers nonetheless:

Did you watched it? who you think it won? Which other battle would you love to see? Please comment.

All in all, it was a great time for the culture and I think a lot of people enjoy it nevertheless.

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8 months ago
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