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RZA on the Joe Rogan Experience

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10 months ago

I don't want other living beings to die so that I can live - RZA

A few weeks ago, RZA was a guest on the Joe Rogan experience on a great interview where RZA shared his views on hiphop, art, nutrition and other incredicble things.

RZA shares his views on spirituality including the philosophy on Indian mythology. Mahabarata quotes, and other pretty incredible conversations from Cappas.

Then focus about the birth of hiphop, but other elements that contributed to it like breakdancing. The combination of Jazz and Funk, and Rock into the break beats. The evolution of hiphop thanks to technology and how the end of sampling because of the evolution of technology.

His styles about how also the rhymes patterns changed because the creation of beats is more melodic, and rhymes are more singing.

Eventually they came to the nutrition on how RZA is vegan and the whole vegan culture. He says how he turn vegetarian with ODB and how it was his living back in the 80s with their lifestyle.

The interview was great.

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