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Conway the Machine: Lulu

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9 months ago

One third of Griselda just launched his latest project, called Lulu. Is a 7 track project that gives you what Conway usually put out. Street rugged grimy lyrics talking about the street game and some kind of storytelling and also the braggadocio from the streets.

The tracklist includes:

  • Intro

  • 14 Ki's

  • The Contract

  • Shoot Sideways

  • Calvin

  • They Got Sonny

  • Gold BBS'S

The album include a lot of cameo including super producer Alchemist, Cormega and Schoolboy Q. Surprisingly the album doesn't have other Griselda sidekicks like Benny and Westside. It has already pushed out a video for the project. The track Calvin starts with Conway packing a body into a car and then throwing it out of the bridge as he keep saying 'I've seen it a lot'. The track shows Conway on an orange mask and he carries a body which he buries in some woody park close to a bridge. The style is grimy and he rhymes quietly and meaningfully. At the end of the video there seems some clips probably from that HBO series, Breaking Bad.

The album also have some great tracks with different style of beats. Overall this is something the boom bap people will rock to it. I will recommend you to grab it if you are into boom bap and hard lyrics. This one is a winner.

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9 months ago
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