Time to Pursue a Childhood Dream

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11 months ago

I spent, or wasted rather, so many precious hours playing the game Mobile Legends in the past ten days or so. I know I have to cut down my playing time again.

Yes, it's not the first time I got hooked on a mobile game. In the past, I was able to stop playing after a few weeks. I know I can stop myself from playing anytime soon. However, I really need to at least cut down my playing time now!

Actually, I decided to do just that yesterday. So instead of spending most of my time playing, I turned to another activity that I love to do. Something I love to do ever since I was a kid... drawing!

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Greetings once again my dear readers and friends. I hope you are all doing well although the cryptocurrency prices are still struggling to get back up to their former glory. Yeah, the prices are still crawling with BTC at $17,021.98, Eth at $1,260.54, and BCH at $110.99 at the time of writing.

I admit my earnings in reading. cash is not so encouraging, but I know it's not the reason enough to stop writing.

In my attempt to find a way to augment my online earnings, I turn to my favorite activity... drawing.

Childhood Dream

Growing up with no Internet connection, not even cable TV, comic books were my main source of entertainment. Plus the Saturday morning cartoons on TV.

Comic books were not only a source of entertainment for me though. They inspired me to draw.

I and my siblings had a collection of Marvel and DC comic books.

I started by tracing the drawings by placing a piece of coupon bond on a page of a comic book and tracing the character.

Creating My Characters and Stories

As I grow up, my love for reading comic books did not fade. So thus my love for drawing.

I remember the back of my notebooks is always filled with drawings of superhero characters.

Then, I started creating my characters. I would even draw my comics on pieces of bond paper. I admit, I wasted a lot of bond papers in my growing years.

Digital Drawings.

When I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw, I started creating digital drawings. My favorite subject? Samurai's! But not exclusively, though. I did create other characters. Some are even aliens.

My Childhood Dream

I don't remember saying it out loud or even thought of "I want to be a comic book artist when I grew up!" At the time, I did not even thought that it was an option. I mean, was there even a college course to become a comic book artist? If there was at the time, I did not know about it.

What I know is, I love to draw.

First Attempt To Create Online Graphic Novel.

In 2007, I made my first attempt to post my work online. I create Blogspot site for my story--- https://fictionbytes.blogspot.com

I wasn't able to maintain it though. In January of that year, I was able to publish three posts. In February, I wasn't able to post one. Then one each for March and April. After that, I abandoned the idea.

I may have abandoned that site, but the story still keeps playing in my mind even up to now.

New Stories To Tell

A few years ago, another short story came into my mind. I have already written the first two chapters, and about to finish the details of the last chapter.

However, a new inspiration came a couple of months ago. The setting this time is closer to home. Moreover, it's not just any story. It's my also of promoting something that Filipinos should be proud of.

Hopefully, after I published enough of my work, I could get some sponsors or some donations both in Fiat and cryptocurrency.

I guess this long overdue. I should have pursued this dream more than a decade ago.

Working on the cover of my story

Spend More Time Drawing

If I want to start earning from doing the thing that I love to do the most, then I must spend more time doing it.

Not just by publishing my work, but I know there are other ways to earn using my skills. I just have to put my mind into it and start working on it.

Thanks For Reading

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11 months ago


Good luck in pursuing your childhood passion sir..You can do it po.

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11 months ago

Go and don't stop dreaming. Hi JLo. Nakakarelate din kami sa ibang habit mo, no internet at yong iba wala pang tv noon, puro drawings at comics. For sure may magbasa pa din ng projects mo, go go go. Own drawings/comics. Tapos I Cashrain na din 😁

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11 months ago


Hindi pa ako maka pasok sa Cashrain.. pakit send nman ng invite code. hehehe

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11 months ago

Sana pwede pa kay Cashrain. Baka active pa ito, pili ka lang, 3 lang kc 😂




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11 months ago

Bata ka pa lang pala sir ang hilig mo na mag drawing kaya no doubt sobrang galing niyo mag draw. Nakakabilib.

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11 months ago

salamat. Kailangan ko lang maghanap ng paraan para mapagkitaan to hehehe

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11 months ago

Oo sir. Tama po yung sumali kayo sa NFT's. Pwede rin kayo mag draw sir tas post niyo po sa social media. I'm sure marami po magpapagawa sa inyo.

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11 months ago