I Posted My Entry to Art Challenge 50 Minutes Late.

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October 8, 2022
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I got up past 8 already this morning. Yeah, I overslept for at least three hours... or make that two since I went to sleep at eleven last night. At four in the morning, I was awakened by a scratching noise at our bedroom door. It was followed by the whining of our dog. He wanted to go out of the house. There are other people in the house, but he always wakes me up to open the door for him. The thing is, he is not even my dog. He is my sister-in-law's dog.

Anyways, after I went back to our room, I fell asleep after a few minutes. But I woke up late. I knew that the deadline for Hive PH's Art Challenge is today. I wasn't sure if it was in the morning or the evening. I already colored my entry for the Anime Character prompt (KiKenshinimura) last night. But I still have to do some cleaning, add more details, and draw the background.

When I checked the post containing the rules, it says the deadline for submission is 9 AM +8 UTC. That's Philippine Time. It was already 8:15!

Hello, once again my dearest friends. How are doing this Saturday? I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. To tell you the truth, I still have to work on my website after I finish this article. I just want to share with you what transpired this morning and for the rest of the day.

The Hive PH Art Challenge

I came across the announcement three days ago. (https://ecency.com/hive-188409/@hiveph/hiveph-art-challenge-sining-at-likhain). I think they posted the announcement a little late since it was posted in the middle of the first week of October. Anyways, I got interested when I saw the list of weely prompts /subjects.

Screenshot of the weekly subjects.

The second prompt for the first week says Anime Character. So the first thing that popped up into my mind is Kenshin Himura.

Who Is Kenshin Himura?

Kenshin Himura is a fictional manga character who was also known as Hitikori Battousai or Battousai the Manslayer during the Meiji Revolution. He is the protagonist in the anime Samurai-X series or Rurouni Kenshin. Kenshin went into hiding after the revolution. After ten years, he reappeared with an unusual reverse-edged sword. Perhaps, I will write an article about Kenshin in the future.

Here is my entry:

The Process

Author's Note: This part was originally posted in Hive My Late Entry For The HivePh Art Challenge (https://ecency.com/hive-188409/@jloberiza/my-late-entry-for-the)

App and Device used.

I always use Medibang Paint for mobile in creating my digital illustrations.

The device I use is Huawei 10.4-inch Tablet with M-Pencil 2 stylus.


The sketch got used to creating my sketch on Medibang Paint. Thanks to my stylus that came with my tablet.

Then I would turn that sketch into an 8-bit layer and change the color to blue so I can trace it using another layer.

Inking the outline

Normally, I'd use Medibang Paint's "line tools" to create the curved lines. This is similar to Photoshop's pen tool.

After approximately 2 hours of work on the outline or "ink", this is the output.


I always create separate layers for the skin and clothes base colors.

I wanted to add more details to my work, but I overslept this morning (Hey it's a Saturday!).

I did clean up his messy hair a little bit. I also wanted to add the Samekawe or the wrapping on the handle or tsuka. Then again, I am already late as it is.

However, I was able to add some shade to him.

The Background

I kinda borrowed the background from my other work. Which I might share with you here soon.

Then, exported both illustrations, and I could have combined them using Medibang Paint, but I think I need to clear my tablet's memory. So I used PixelLab instead to create the final output.

The Article

I started writing the article at 8:57. That's three minutes before the deadline! I thought it doesn't matter if it was going to be late or not. I wanted to share it anyway.

I finished composing the article at 9:50. I published it without checking for errors.

In Closing.

Yes, I uploaded my entry 50 minutes late. And I am glad that I did even if it was late. Why? A few hours after, I was elated to see that it received more than a hundred upvotes and almost $39 worth of tips.

When I checked the other entries though, there was one work that I really admired. It was the work by @Kris11 and her subject is Roronoa Zoro of One Piece. https://ecency.com/hive-188409/@kris11/a-badass-birthday-present-for-someone-i-love-dearly

One thing for sure. There are a lot of talented pinoy artists waiting to be discovered out there. One thing I love about these various challenges is, they are bringing these talents out in the open.

Until the next challenge.

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Wow napakagaling naman sir. Nakakahanga. Gusto ko yung color niya sir. Ganda tingnan. Congrats to you sir.

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1 year ago

Congrats for success you got. Your painting is really admirable, I really appreciate it. Thanks for sharing how you made it.

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1 year ago