Exploring The Fascinating World Of Logo Designing Using InkScape

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4 months ago

July 18, 2023.

I have a confession to make...

The thing is.. maybe you have also experienced what I'm going through right now. I mean... there are lots of things that I need to do. Especially these days when I need to earn online... but I end up wasting so much of my time doing a lot of unproductive activities like watching movies and playing games.

Hello again, friends and readers. I'm still not in my full "working mode" but I know I have to get out of this slump before the month ends. I still don't feel like tinkering with Arduino for now. Yet, I must spend my time on more productive activities. Thus, I decided to work on my YouTube Channel's logo.

I haven't done any logo designs for quite some time now. I wanted to have a gig on logo designing thru Fiverr. I did make some logos for some local businesses in our area, but it seems I'm not quite confident enough in my logo-making skills to compete online.

I suppose I need to spend more time honing my skills.

Anyways, I guess the best to start doing it by making a logo for myself.

Creating A Logo For My TechVentures Hub Channel

I am working on a book on Arduino titled "A Beginner's Guide to Robotics With Arduino". In connection with that book, I also wanted to have a video tutorial channel. So I created the TechVentures Hub channel on YouTube. I might also... No... I will also create a channel on a Web3 platform.

I wanted to start that channel with a logo, and a working introductory video.

Using Inkscape

At first, I tried to use Vector Ink on my Tablet. However, I had some difficulties using some of the app's features. I decided to use Inkscape on my laptop instead.

I haven't used Inkscape for months. Knowing that there will be a new version available, I upgraded the program. I was rustier than I thought. It took me a few minutes to recall which tools to use.

The Concept

My concept is simple. The design evolves around the letters 'T' and 'V'. I also wanted to have something that represents a "circuit" on the texture or something. Or, I could use a font that looks like an electronic circuit.

I wanted it to appear like an inverted triangle. I made several sketches on paper. (Unfortunately, I have thrown away the sketches before I took a photo of it).

I could not find the font that I'd like to use, but I got an idea based on one of the fonts that I saw.

Anyway, here is what I have done so far.

I'm still not satisfied with the colors though. However, I am going to stick to the green and gold combination. Perhaps, I will make the green a bit darker or make it appear metallic.

Text Logo

Then I created the text "TechVenture". I used a simple thin font for now and used an inverted triangle for the 'V'.

Work In Progress

This is still a work in progress. I will create several variations in the days to come.

I must continue exploring this world of logo designing. I have to set some time for developing this skill. Yes, aside from coding, I love to do some digital artworks too.

Perhaps, I can soon accept commissions for BCH for logo making. What do you think?

Thanks For Reading.

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Date Posted: July 19, 2023, Philippine Standard Time

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4 months ago


It's great to see you working on your logo design skills for your TechVentures Hub channel. Keep honing your skills, and BCH logo commissions sound like a promising idea!

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2 months ago