My Nightmare Story (part2)

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At the unidentified residence, I awoke to find myself in an unfamiliar situation. Once again, strange individuals in an unfamiliar setting.

People are dozing off this time. The mansion is enormous, with a plethora of horizontally arranged beds. Standing for long periods of time makes me uncomfortable. I took a seat in one of the beds that was still vacant.

Then, out of nowhere, a man came up behind me. He's dressed casually in a red and white striped polo shirt. What about his appearance? I've never heard of him! He appears to be a typical member of society. I'm relieved there won't be a monster to contend with.

He made the statement.

Arrive so I can heal you.

I pondered the question and then asked it out loud. Can you help me? I have no symptoms of illness.

Despite my disinterest, he moved closer to me.

Also, do not put your hands on my stomach!

I slapped him in the face with my fist. And I inquired. "What on earth are you up to?" I asked. "You must be cured!" he exclaimed. After his reply, he unbuttoned my blouse and rubbed the left side of my abdomen with his fingertips.

I'm still having difficulty. Afraid he'd gotten into trouble. Until he was able to soothe my anxiety. He went outside and returned with a little bowl and spoon in hand.

He insisted that I down it. The yellowish liquid resembles coconut oil and smells strongly like coconut. What about the flavor? Bitter! It was disgusting and I have no idea how I drank it.

That was followed by another touch on my tummy on the left side by him.

He shut his eyes and said something only he could understand!

So long as I can't tell he's in pain from the look on his face. However, he continues to hold onto me. He went on speaking, or should I say praying? I'm stumped!

After that, I could see my body was getting better! A unexpected burst of energy and a sense of well-being came over me as a result. But it happened in the space of a single eyelid-flap. Something is wrong with this man! I inquired as to what had transpired, but he refused to provide an explanation.

Until, all of a sudden, the man was a 5-year-old boy!

I was completely taken aback. I keep asking what happened, but no one is awake to hear me. I'm baffled.

And look at me now! I'm holding a tiny baby boy in my arms! What I saw has me quite alarmed. Why did he suddenly transform into a boy? I let him to recline in the bed of his own own. What transpired was completely unbelievable to me. However, I still feel a strong need to look after this tiny guy who was instrumental in curing me of some mysterious ailment.

I sat next to his bed till I passed out from exhaustion.

When I opened my eyes and looked about, I realized I had returned to the real world. It's currently 8:05 a.m.

It's still a mystery to me. That man who morphed into a child and the monkey-like creatures were both terrifying. I'm still hoping that none of the characters from the Dream or Nightmare will come true.

If it's a warning, then yes. This time around, I'm at a loss. What kind of Forewarning are we dealing with here.

What are your thoughts?

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