My Nightmare Story (part1)

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Did you pose that question to yourself. Why? What gives in dreams like this? Why did several of my fantasies come true in the last few days? Some are Cautionary Tales, while others are just plain bizarre!

Only once have I had the sensation that my spirit had departed from my body. Yes, that does sound a little crazy. Perhaps it's all a dream or something. It's quite taxing and draining.

The sensation that all of your strength and energy have been sucked away. As a result of having a fear of heights, I had the distinct impression that I was being lifted into the air. You have no idea how I felt, do you?

I'd have vivid dreams about a red and blue dragon every now and again. It's hard to believe, I know. What I saw was simply in my dreams or nightmares, yet to see is to believe. My dreams included appearances by the Angels and Jesus Christ.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have arrived in my fantasy world.

I'm back again at the Dream, as per usual. This is a strange place. However, the scenery is very stunning.

Now there are many trees and lovely large homes to be found. Someone yelled as I was going along and taking in the stunning environment around me. And the idyllic sight abruptly shifted to an ominous one. It's not so bad anymore. Just enough for me to be able to see the folks in my immediate surroundings. I'm atop a small mountain. And from above, I can see that people are in a state of terror.

The first set of visitors arrived. And the uniform was instantly recognizable to me! When I'm with it, it's like a best friend. There are plenty of students yelling and sprinting by me. Then comes the second group, which is all dressed in school clothes.

I started to feel a little uneasy, so I kept an eye out to see whether my friend was one of them. However, I failed to see them! The following group was a mashup of many personalities. Suddenly, there was a voice in the background saying something.

"Run!!! It's Monster Time!!"

OMG! What the hell are you talking about?

My feet have a life of their own, and they're running!

Right now, I'm in the middle of the Dark road, racing for my life. All of the animals have gone missing! I'm also out the door and running!. The people aren't showing up anywhere. There's no one else in the race save me.

I had the distinct impression that someone was chasing behind me from behind. I dislike turning around because it slows my progress. However, my mind is a living being in and of itself! It made a complete 180-degree rotation and peered around the back! What I witnessed was terrifying and gave me the chills. My entire body was tingling, and the hair on the back of my neck was standing up!

You'll be shocked by what I showed you.

Their physical appearance is that of a regular person. I mean, look at them! Is dry and dull in appearance. They have an animal-like face. Because I'm fleeing for my life, I have no idea if it's a Monkey or a Lion.

All I perceive is that it's covered with hair, just like a Monkey!

They're covered head to toe in a dark brown robe. Their physical make-up resembles that of a human. Only the person's face is emblazoned with an Animals image.

I've never stopped trying to get to the end of an interminable path! The combination of a high from adrenaline and exhaustion. If I don't go on. The Monsters will undoubtedly find me. I'm at my wit's end. I came to a halt in my running. And they're on their way.

That's when I realized I was still alive! the alarm went off at 5:16 in the morning, however

I'm drained to the max! Also, sleeping is no longer a favorite pastime of mine. As a result, I stayed awake till about 7 a.m. I was exhausted and drowsy. I despise going to bed! However, my vision is obstructed by stubborn blepharitis. After then, I was surrounded in total blackness. It's like the Dreamland as soon as I open my eyes. Again!


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