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According to popular belief, the Philippines is an archipelago of Asian countries with a long and illustrious history. As we can see, this country has a vast spectrum of customs and civilizations, which can be attributed to the various effects of colonists throughout history. Even our language is a mash-up of foreign terms, some of which have been taken from them. From before the Spanish, Japanese, and American conquests to President Marcos' martial law, each has a unique story to tell about places, things, people, and events that tie us to the past. Our lives were impacted by significant events that helped us to become the citizens of an independent country or Filipinos that we are today.

FILIPINOS: some interesting facts

*Filipinos are strong and resilient.

Natural calamities have never been a problem for the Filipinos, who have always managed to overcome them. They are more likely to lift their heads and grin rather than cry.

*Filipinos are proud of their ancestors and forefathers.

In the Philippines, family is the most important thing. The outcome is that regardless of whether or not you are a member of the blood relations or a member of the 3rd or 4th generation, you are considered a family member. At times, even the closest of friends may be thought to be members of the family.

*Filipinos are extremely devout people who practice their religion.

Crosses and other religious objects can be found in every room of a Filipino home, and they are displayed prominently. They go to church every Sunday, and on rare occasions, they go twice or three times a week as well.

*Filipinos are well-known for their willingness to assist one another.

Helping others without expecting anything in return is a Filipino tradition known as Bayanihan, and it makes their professions and responsibilities simpler to fulfill. This is referred to as "community spirit" in certain circles.

*Tradition and culture are extremely important to the Filipino people.

The importance of traditions in the home and in the family is indisputable for Filipinos. The dates for various events such as festivals, birthday celebrations, reunions, and other gatherings are routinely set. Every gathering is also devoted to catching up with one another over delectable food.

*Filipinos are known for their love of having a good time.

Yes, Filipinos take great pleasure in arranging fiestas and festivities. Among the festivals held in the Philippines are the MassKara Festival in Bacolod, the Kadayawan Festival in Davao, and the Moriones Festival in Marinduque.

*Filipinos have been celebrating Christmas for the longest timeā€”ever.

Beginning as early as August, you can hear Christmas carols and jingles being played in malls and restaurants throughout the Philippines. The attitude shifts to one of celebration, with a large number of people out shopping and generally in good cheer. It is customary for the Christmas season to last until the first or second week of January.

*Filipinos are food enthusiasts.

Filipinos manage to consume a snack in between meals, in addition to their three main meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It makes no difference to them whether they eat every hour or every three hours; they appreciate every meal. They also enjoy going to buffets!

*Filipinos enjoy singing in their free time!

This explains why dancing has become so popular in recent years. For enjoyment, Filipinos spend crucial family time and social time with their friends singing and roaring out new and old songs, both new and old.

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