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Raging Fire

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10 months ago

Anger is a natural feeling that turns someone into another person. We felt different feelings but anger is the most feeling that we should avoid to feel. It is like a fire that when we add fuel to it, it will grow and becomes dangerous. Anger makes us into someone we never expected to be. When anger consumes us, we can do things that can hurt or destroy the people around us. It makes us do the things that we can surely regret in the future. It can also change the people completely because their heart are already covered by anger.

In our lives, we cannot deny the fact that we got angry sometimes especially when we cannot control the things that are happening in our lives. When anger already consumes us we comes to the point that we will not listen anymore to those people around us. We don't want them to teach us what is right because we want to follow what we think is good for us but the truth is, it will only lead us to danger. When there's an anger in our heart, we eventually became insensitive and bitter to the things that are happening in our lives. It's like we also have different world that only ourselves can understand. When our anger continued to rise, there is a big possibility that we can cause trouble to the lives of others. We should not let our emotions enslave us so that we cannot do stupid things that we will regret for the rest of our lives.

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