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MarcDeMesel, An Inspiration To Everybody

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9 months ago

Giving is sacrificial and difficult to everybody especially if you won't receive anything in return. Honestly, it's very rare to find someone who is generous enough to help those people in need nowadays.

Most of the people gives or help because they only want something in return. But Mr. @MarcDeMesel proved me wrong. He made me realize that not all the people who gives want something in return that you can help someone freely with all your heart. He donated a big amount of money wholeheartedly without expecting in return. Not everybody can do what he did that's why I salute him for having a generous heart.

Thank you very much sir! Because of you, I was inspired to do better and improve my writing because I admit that I'm not that really good in writing. I was also motivated to study hard and achieve my dreams because I want to become like you in the future. Your generosity means a lot to us sir and we will be forever grateful for that!

May God bless you always Mr. @MarcDeMesel!! You are one in a million and truly an inspiration to everybody.

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